Introducing the Dark World Behind Lewis Country Store: A Hub for Hate Groups

In a shocking revelation, the Lewis Country Store, located just outside Nashville, Tennessee, has been identified as a gathering place for hate groups. This discovery was made by Jeff Tischauser, a senior researcher at the Southern Poverty Law Center, as he diligently monitored extremist organizations in the state.

A Suspicious Message Leads to Startling Evidence

While scouring a messaging platform used by a white supremacist group known as the Tennessee Active Club, Tischauser stumbled upon a message that caught his attention. It revealed that the club utilized a gym above the Lewis Country Store for their training sessions. Although the post was swiftly deleted, Tischauser sensed there was more to uncover.

Lewis Country Store: A Controversial Past

The Lewis Country Store has long been a source of controversy. Notorious for its anti-mask and pro-Trump sentiments, it constantly broadcasts provocative messages on its prominent digital sign. In fact, the store lost its Shell branding in 2016 after displaying a particularly vulgar message about former president Bill Clinton and current president Donald Trump.

Connecting the Dots

After discovering the store’s name mentioned in the hate group’s messages, Tischauser initiated an investigation. He found the store’s real estate listing online, complete with detailed interior photos, which included a private gym upstairs. Tischauser then compared these photos with screenshots from the Tennessee Active Club’s Telegram channel, where members were seen posing in a gym adorned with flags associated with hate groups like the Proud Boys and neo-Nazi organizations.

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The Tennessee Active Club and Its Disturbing Agenda

The Tennessee Active Club is considered by the Southern Poverty Law Center to be a chapter of a decentralized network of hate groups. Its primary goal is to train white men who have been radicalized online, preparing them for what they believe to be an imminent racial conflict. The Lewis Store has unwittingly provided them with a private meeting place.

Confirmation from the Store Owner

Brad Lewis, the owner of the store, further confirmed its association with hate groups during an interview on a white supremacist podcast. In response to the report published by the Southern Poverty Law Center, Lewis unapologetically revealed that he allows individuals to train in the space above his store. He even boasted about the presence of former MMA professionals and the recruitment of younger white men.

Unyielding Hatred and Deepening Controversy

Since the report’s publication, Lewis has escalated the situation. He has hurled racist and anti-Semitic slurs at Tischauser and even composed not one, but two homophobic poems about him. Rather than feeling remorse or attempting to rectify the situation, Lewis has proudly embraced his extremist beliefs. In a chilling Telegram post, he boldly proclaimed, “I’m not a cuckservative, I’m an actual literal Nazi.”


The uncovering of the Lewis Country Store as a gathering place for hate groups serves as a stark reminder of the depth and extent of extremism that exists in our society. This disturbing revelation sheds light on the dangerous ideologies that continue to thrive. It is crucial for us to remain vigilant and united against hate, ensuring that such spaces are exposed and held accountable for their actions.

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Q: What is the Southern Poverty Law Center?
A: The Southern Poverty Law Center is an organization dedicated to fighting hate, championing civil rights, and monitoring extremist activities in the United States.

Q: Are the Lewis Country Store’s affiliations verified?
A: Yes, extensive evidence, including photographs and statements from the club’s members, confirms the store’s connection to hate groups.

Q: Has any action been taken against the store?
A: While the report has gained significant attention, no official actions or sanctions have been announced at this time.

Q: How can the public respond to such revelations?
A: Awareness is key. By exposing hate groups and the businesses that support them, we can put pressure on society to reject and condemn such ideologies.

Q: What steps can individuals take to combat extremism?
A: Supporting organizations dedicated to fighting hate, promoting tolerance, and educating others about the dangers of extremism can make a significant difference. Remember, unity against hate is the key to a better future.

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