The Total Flex: A Review Worth Exploring

total flex l reviews

By Geoff Meeker

When it comes to home gyms, finding a compact yet versatile option can be a challenge. That’s why the Total Flex caught my attention. With the ability to perform over 50 gym exercises, this unique home gym seemed worth exploring. In this review, I’ll share my thoughts after using the Total Flex for the past month.

The Downsides

Let’s start with the downsides. The Total Flex uses tension bands instead of free weights, which may not provide enough resistance for those who are already toned and strong. Even for someone like me, I found that I needed to combine all three bands for certain exercises to feel any challenge. Additionally, the tension is lightest when you’re closer to the base, which can be a drawback for exercises like the bench press where you want to feel the stretch and burn.

Another concern is the durability of the bands. While I couldn’t find an answer about their longevity, I did confirm that replacement bands are available. Lastly, the ankle straps provided for leg exercises didn’t hold up well under increased resistance. However, for those who focus on leg exercises in other ways, this may not be a deal breaker.

The Upsides

Despite its downsides, the Total Flex has its upsides, which make it worthy of consideration. Over the past month, I’ve been consistently using the Total Flex and enjoying the experience. The exercises are clearly presented on oversized instruction cards, making it easy to follow along. The machine itself is straightforward to use, allowing for quick adjustments between exercises without any hassle.

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This simplicity is what truly sets the Total Flex apart. As someone who has experienced the inconvenience of changing weights and adjusting hardware in a traditional gym, I appreciate the seamless transition between exercises that the Total Flex offers. Switching from a bench press to a bicep curl or seated row takes only seconds, eliminating any barriers to a smooth workout session.

My Routine and Results

Out of the eight instruction cards provided, I have settled into a routine that combines the upper body and core workouts into one session. Spending about 90 minutes on the Total Flex, I always feel fantastic afterward – pleasantly exhausted but completely satisfied. As for leg exercises, I incorporate them into my daily activities such as walking the dog and using the elliptical machine.

While the Total Flex may not excel in the bench press, it performs well for most other exercises. The tension bands provide just the right resistance for various lifts, pulls, twists, crunches, and extensions. After just 30 days, I can already notice improvements in muscle tone in my upper body and the beginnings of a “six pack” forming.

Ordering Tips

If you decide to order the Total Flex, I recommend purchasing it online without any additional extras. The basic package, priced at $278 with shipping, is all you need. Comparatively, this is a reasonable investment compared to an annual gym membership. However, as with any exercise machine, the key is to actually use it consistently.


In conclusion, the Total Flex offers a convenient and efficient way to enhance your home workouts. While it has its limitations, its compact design, ease of use, and overall effectiveness make it a worthwhile investment for those looking for a versatile home gym option. I am personally pleased with my experience so far and plan to continue using the Total Flex to achieve my fitness goals.

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Q: Can the Total Flex be used by people of all fitness levels?

A: The Total Flex is suitable for individuals of various fitness levels. However, those who are already toned and strong may find the resistance levels inadequate for certain exercises.

Q: How long do the tension bands last?

A: The longevity of the tension bands may vary. Replacement bands are available, ensuring you can continue using the Total Flex even if the bands wear out.

Q: Are the ankle straps durable?

A: The ankle straps provided may not hold up well under increased resistance. However, this may not be a significant concern for individuals who focus on leg exercises through other means.