F Street Station: Battling Backlash for Bold Free Speech

F Street Station

In today’s world, where people’s opinions can quickly spark outrage on social media, one Anchorage bar is facing a storm of criticism. F Street Station, a popular watering hole in downtown Anchorage, found itself under attack after posting a controversial message on its well-known comment chalkboard. The bar’s management wrote, “We now live in a world where your kid cannot pretend to be an Indian… But a grown man can pretend to be a woman.”

Social Media Outrage

The bar’s blunt statement ignited a firestorm from radical leftists on social media. Calls to boycott the establishment and destroy its reputation flooded platforms like Twitter. Some individuals even shared the bar’s phone number, urging others to take action.

A Battle of Words

The online backlash was filled with accusations of racism and transphobia. Critics latched onto the bar’s statement, using the terms “transphobic” and “racist” to condemn the message. Even The Mudflats, a former leftist blog, addressed the controversy more civilly, inviting people to learn how to make French onion soup instead.

Consequences and Support

The consequences of the online backlash were severe. The bar faced dozens of nasty comments on Twitter and an influx of negative reviews on Yelp from fake customers. The volume of fake reviews prompted Yelp to disable the comment section for F Street Station temporarily. TripAdvisor also suspended comments on their page for the bar.

Nevertheless, F Street Station also received support from its loyal customer base. Former gubernatorial candidate Les Gara chimed in, demanding an apology from the bar. However, it remains to be seen whether the controversy will deter long-time patrons who have praised the bar’s food and ambiance.

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A Culinary Gem

Despite the controversy, F Street Station has been a beloved institution in Anchorage for decades. Rep. Zack Fields once praised the bar’s unpretentious and impeccable food in a lengthy review for the Anchorage Press. Fields expressed his admiration for their roast beef sandwiches, highlighting the thin-sliced roast beef cooked to perfection, and their renowned Friday French dip lunches.

In addition to mouth-watering sandwiches, F Street Station offers a delectable array of buttered clams, calamari, shrimp, and pasta. The bar’s limited menu ensures maximum freshness, with certain dishes selling out quickly. With a strong following and consistent praise, F Street Station continues to be one of the best dining experiences Anchorage has to offer.


Q: Did F Street Station apologize for their controversial message?
A: As of now, F Street Station has not issued an apology regarding their message.

Q: Is F Street Station still open for business?
A: Yes, F Street Station remains open despite the online backlash.

Q: How did F Street Station respond to the criticism?
A: The bar has not provided an official response to the criticism it received.


F Street Station finds itself at the center of a storm of controversy due to a bold statement written on its comment chalkboard. While facing backlash and online attacks, the bar continues to provide excellent food and an atmosphere that locals adore. As the debate over free speech rages on, F Street Station remains a testament to the enduring power of both culinary delights and the right to express oneself openly.