Unmasking the Truth About Turbo Spy App: A Comprehensive Review

turbo spy reviews

So, you’re a concerned parent who wants to keep an eye on your kids. Time is of the essence, and you need a monitoring app that lives up to its name – Turbo Spy. But does it truly deliver on its promises? In this detailed review, we will explore everything you need to know about Turbo Spy to make an informed decision.

Discover the Power of Turbo Spy App

The Turbo Spy app is specifically designed for parents who want to stay informed about their children’s activities on their smartphones. Like other top-tier monitoring apps, Turbo Spy offers a range of features to help you achieve this goal. Let’s take a closer look at some of the key ones.


Uncover Every Keystroke

Turbo Spy captures and saves every keystroke made on their favorite apps, including private messages, Instagram captions, and more. If they type it, Turbo Spy records it for you to review later.

Monitor Their Social Media Conversations

If your kids are always glued to social media, Turbo Spy has you covered. It captures their private messages and activities on popular apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

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What if you don’t want them using certain apps, such as Tinder? Simply access your Turbo Spy account center, check the apps installed on their device, and with a few clicks, block their access.

Keep Track of Their Calls

Turbo Spy includes a call log feature that captures incoming and outgoing calls. You’ll even be able to see the names of the people they spoke to, along with the time and date of the conversations.

Stay Informed with GPS Tracking

Even though a lot of their lives happen online, the real world still matters. With Turbo Spy, you can find out their whereabouts when they’re out and about. Turbo Spy saves their locations in your account center, allowing you to review their past locations at any time.

Capture Remote Images

Once you’ve successfully installed Turbo Spy on their phone, you gain access to a nifty feature that lets you see what’s happening around them. Simply click a few buttons, and you can take a picture using their phone’s camera.

TurboSpy Compatibility and Pricing

Here’s a quick overview of TurboSpy’s compatibility and pricing:

TurboSpy Features TurboSpy Eyezy
Compatibility Android and iOS Android and iOS
Pricing Basic Plan: 3-month plan for $21; Pro Plan: 3-month plan for $28 Basic Plan: 1-month plan for $47.99/mo, 3-month plan for $27.99/mo, 12-month plan for $9.99/mo
Number of Devices 1 Up to 3 with Family Plan
Demo No Yes
Location Tracking Yes Yes
Social Media Tracking Yes Yes
Remote Restrictions Yes Yes

Pros and Cons of TurboSpy


Is Turbo Spy legitimate and does it deliver on its promises? The answer is yes and maybe. Before purchasing, it’s essential to compare TurboSpy’s two plans and understand which features are crucial for your needs. Here are some pros and cons to consider:

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  • Works on both Android and iPhone devices
  • Offers extensive social media support
  • Easy-to-understand subscription plans


  • Basic plan does not include social media message monitoring
  • Geofencing only available in the Pro plan
  • Installation process can be unclear

Real User Opinions on TurboSpy

While we’ve made sure to provide an unbiased review, hearing from real users is invaluable. Overall, the feedback from real users about Turbo Spy is mixed, but it provides a glimpse into what you can expect.

does-turbo-spy-really-work turbo-spy-free

Turbo Spy App vs. Eyezy: Which is the Better Monitoring App?


Reading Social Chats

Kids nowadays spend most of their time on social media platforms. TurboSpy allows you to read their conversations on popular chat apps. Eyezy offers the same feature, but it is available in all their plans (unlike TurboSpy, which requires the Pro version).

Winner: Eyezy (with a slight edge)

Screen Recording

While Turbo Spy allows you to access their social media chats, it lacks the screen recording feature. Eyezy, on the other hand, offers screen recording, capturing screenshots of their phone in use. If they delete a message, you still have a good chance of seeing it with Eyezy’s screen recording.

Winner: Eyezy


As parents, you can’t always be physically present. Eyezy offers Magic Alerts that notify you when your kids enter or leave specific locations. Turbo Spy also has geofencing technology, but it’s only available in the Pro plan. Eyezy’s inclusion of geofencing in all their plans gives them the edge in this category.

Winner: Eyezy (with a slight edge)

Final Thoughts on Turbo Spy

Once you understand how to install Turbo Spy on the target phone and get up and running, you’ll find a powerful monitoring app that keeps you informed. It’s easy to use, and the included features are impressive.

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However, if you’re looking for a powerful monitoring app that won’t break the bank, Eyezy might be a better choice. Their straightforward pricing model offers all the features promised on their website for a single price. Whether you opt for monthly plans or a full-year subscription, you get access to all features.

The best part? You can explore a full Eyezy demo right now on their website. Check it out and make an informed decision.

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