I Drove The 2024 Lexus GX: A Review of the Ultimate Overlanding Platform

2024 gx550

When Lexus unveiled the third generation of its GX model, car enthusiasts were intrigued by the bold design. As an owner of a previous GX model, I couldn’t wait to see if this new version lived up to its hype.

I had the opportunity to test drive the 2024 Lexus GX both on and off-road, and let me tell you, it didn’t disappoint. Buckle up, because I have a lot to share about this ultimate overlanding platform.

What Is It?

The Lexus GX has always been the U.S. luxury version of the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado. However, with this new generation, there are no heavier-duty Land Cruiser or LX models available in the U.S. The new GX550 (chassis code J252) shares the TNGA-F Platform with the upcoming Toyota Land Cruiser, Lexus LX, Tundra, Tacoma, and Sequoia.

The new GX550 embraces its intention of being an off-road beast and a family hauler. With its distinct boxy silhouette, it looks ready to take on any adventure.

Let’s Talk Overall Size, Engine, and Transmission

Compared to the outgoing GX460, the new GX550 is longer, wider, taller, and heavier. It is powered by a 3.4-liter twin-turbo V6 engine that produces 349 horsepower and 479 lb-ft of torque. This new engine outperforms the previous V8 engine, providing more power and torque.

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The transmission is a 10-speed Aisin-made AWR10L65, which shifts smoothly and allows for manual control without automatic shifting.

The GX550’s drivetrain is robust, with a two-speed full-time AWD chain-driven transfer case and a Torsen limited-slip differential. The vehicle’s towing capacity is over 9,000 pounds, making it perfect for hauling.

How Is It On-Road?

On the road, the GX550 offers a comfortable and smooth ride. The suspension, consisting of a double wishbone independent front suspension and a five-link rear solid axle, provides stability and absorbs bumps effectively.

The steering is light and accurate, making maneuvering effortless. The cabin is quiet, and the infotainment system, including Apple Carplay and Android Auto, is responsive and user-friendly.

Excellent Visibility

One notable feature of the GX550 is its excellent outward visibility. With its low greenhouse beltline and ample glass area, the GX550 provides a clear view of the surroundings. The only visual impediment is the large hood, which can be distracting but has been sculpted to increase forward visibility.

A Huge Interior, But Not Quite Ideal For Overlanding

The new GX550 offers a spacious interior, especially in the cargo area. There is plenty of room to accommodate all your gear, and there is even a 400-watt AC outlet in the back. However, one drawback is the lack of a split folding tailgate, which can be a minor inconvenience for some.

How Is It Off-Road?


Off-road, the GX550 shines. It comes standard with full-time 4WD, low range, off-road traction control, and downhill assist. The Overtail trim takes it a step further by adding features like Multi-Terrain Select, CRAWL control, eKDSS (sway bar management), and AVS (Adaptive Variable Suspension).

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The GX550’s off-road capabilities are impressive, with excellent approach, breakover, and departure angles. The suspension articulation is outstanding, thanks to its eKDSS system that selectively couples or uncouples the sway bars as needed.

Incredible Comfort On The Trails

One of the standout features of the GX550 is its exceptional comfort, both on and off-road. The suspension, combined with the Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS), provides a smooth and controlled ride. The eKDSS system minimizes lateral acceleration, reducing head toss and ensuring a level and composed body.

Can You Mod It?

The GX550 offers potential for modifications, with the TNGA-F platform providing interchangeability between models. The aftermarket support for tinkering and customization is expected to be quick, and Toyota has even launched a partnership program for adding accessories.

What About Fuel Economy And Pricing?

In terms of fuel economy, the GX550 retains the average figures of its predecessors. With a small fuel tank, the range can be a limitation.

As for pricing, the GX550 falls in the higher price range, starting at $64,250 for the base Premium trim. However, considering its capabilities and features, the price is justified.

The New GX Is Legit


Overall, the 2024 Lexus GX550 is a true performer on and off the road. It offers a powerful engine, advanced off-road features, and exceptional comfort. While it may come with a higher price tag, it’s worth every penny for those seeking an ultimate overlanding experience.

The new GX550 has solidified its position as a top contender in the overland vehicle market. If you’re in the market for a capable and comfortable off-road vehicle, the GX550 should be at the top of your list.

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Get ready to embark on unforgettable adventures with the ultimate overlanding platform.


Q: What is the towing capacity of the 2024 Lexus GX550?
A: The GX550 has a robust towing capacity of over 9,000 pounds, making it one of the best in its class.

Q: Does the GX550 offer third-row seating?
A: Unfortunately, the Overtrail trim, which is the most off-road oriented, does not offer third-row seating. The GX550’s focus on cargo space and off-road capability means sacrificing passenger capacity.

Q: Can the GX550 be modified for off-road enhancements?
A: Yes, with the TNGA-F platform, there is potential for modifications and customization. The aftermarket support is expected to provide options for off-road enthusiasts.

Q: What is the fuel economy of the GX550?
A: The 2024 Lexus GX550 has an average fuel economy of 15 city, 21 highway, and 17 combined. While it may not be the most fuel-efficient vehicle, its performance and capabilities make up for it.