The 8 Best Cargo Vans Recommended by Professionals

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For many businesses, cargo vans are an essential tool for transporting tools, equipment, and employees to various job sites. Choosing the right cargo van is crucial as it can impact your company’s capabilities and efficiency. Factors like towing capacity, mileage, and cargo space are essential to consider based on your company’s specific needs.

Why Choose a Cargo Van for Your Business?

  • Fuel savings! Cargo vans are becoming increasingly fuel-efficient, offering better mileage and lower environmental impact.

  • Reliability. Well-known cargo van brands provide advanced features and durability. With proper maintenance, these vans can last for years.

  • Branding. Transform your cargo van into a mobile billboard for your business. Keep the design simple yet eye-catching, ensuring your company’s logo is easily visible.

  • Customization. Customize the interior and exterior of your cargo van according to your specific needs, making it comfortable and practical.

  • Space. Full-size cargo vans offer ample space, ranging from 120 to 200 cubic feet, allowing you to carry all the necessary supplies for any situation.

  • Comfort. Unlike most commercial vehicles, full-size cargo vans offer the comfort of an SUV or minivan while providing the storage and hauling potential of a commercial vehicle.

Now that we’ve covered the reasons why cargo vans are an excellent choice for businesses, let’s dive into the top 8 recommended cargo vans by HVAC business owners and contractors.

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Installation/Construction/Commercial Vans

Mercedes Benz Sprinter

  • MPG: 19
  • Storage (width x height): 70.1″ x 66.5″
  • Engine type: Diesel
  • Price: Full-size starts at $33,790, mid-size starts at $26,570

The Mercedes Benz Sprinter is highly recommended for heavy-duty work. Its diesel engine offers both power and fuel efficiency. Although it may be more expensive, it provides a large loading capacity and numerous features. HVAC business owners praise its fuel economy and high-top design, making it a popular choice.

Nissan NV Cargo

  • MPG: 24
  • Feature: 261-hp, 4.0-L V6 engine
  • Engine type: Petrol
  • Price: starts at $28,850

The Nissan NV Cargo offers ample cargo room, excellent reliability, and a reasonable price. Users appreciate its roomy interior and low maintenance costs. HVAC business owners highlight its durability, stating that it lasts for years with minimal repairs.

Chevrolet Express Cargo Van

chevrolet express cargo van

  • MPG: 15
  • Available max payload: 4,282 pounds
  • Max Available towing: 10,000 pounds
  • Engine type: Petrol
  • Price: $31,000

The Chevrolet Express Cargo Van may have less cargo room and fewer traction control features compared to other vans on this list. However, its reputation for reliability and low maintenance needs have earned it a loyal following. HVAC business owners highly recommend it for its durability and reliability, praising its ability to withstand high mileage with minimal issues.

Ford Transit

ford transit

  • MPG: 22
  • Weighs: 1,600 pounds with 135 cubic feet of storage space
  • Engine type: Petrol
  • Price: $33,000

The Ford Transit offers a smooth handling experience, spacious cargo capacity, and good safety features. While it excels in certain areas, some owners report reliability problems, such as issues with the transmission. However, it remains a popular choice due to its cargo capacity and reasonable price.

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Dodge ProMaster

dodge promaster

  • MPG: 15
  • Over 460 cubic feet of cargo capacity
  • Engine type: Petrol
  • Price: starts at $29,295

The Dodge ProMaster has received the fewest recommendations from our readers due to reliability issues and mechanical problems. Although it offers a sizable cargo capacity and front-wheel drive, users have reported frequent breakdowns and recalls. Consider these issues before making your final decision.

Service/Maintenance Vans (City Vans)

Mercedes Benz Metris

mercedes benz metris cargo van

  • MPG: 22
  • 199 cubic feet of cargo space
  • Engine type: Petrol
  • Price: $31,000

The Mercedes Benz Metris stands out in the service and maintenance van category. It offers high performance, a wealth of features, and excellent reliability. Although maintenance costs might be higher, the longer maintenance intervals and overall longevity make it a worthwhile investment.

Nissan NV 200

nissan nv 200

  • MPG: 25
  • Storage (width x height): 54.8″ x 53″
  • Engine type: Petrol
  • Price: starts at $22,200

The Nissan NV 200 is an excellent choice for those who don’t require a large cargo space. It offers great gas mileage, a low base price, and a 2.0-L DOHC 16-valve 4-cylinder engine. HVAC business owners appreciate its versatility, noting that it’s perfect for residential service calls.

Ram ProMaster City

ram promaster city cargo van

  • MPG: 24/27
  • Storage (width x height): 60.4″ x 51.8″
  • Engine type: Petrol
  • Price: starts at $24,000

The Ram ProMaster City meets essential benchmarks in terms of capacity, traction control, reliability, and fuel economy. While it may not outshine the competition in any particular area, it offers a reasonable sticker price and is favored for its mileage. Some drivers have reported clunky shifting and leaning when cornering.

Ford Transit Connect

ford transit connect cargo van

  • MPG: 20
  • Storage (width x height): 48.3″ x 49.7″
  • Engine type: Petrol
  • Price: $27,000
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The Ford Transit Connect receives the least number of recommendations, primarily due to its high price compared to the smallest cargo space on this list. Some users have reported reliability issues. Despite its drawbacks, it offers reasonable gas mileage and is suitable for specific requirements.

The Reviews Are In

If budget permits, Mercedes vans, such as the Sprinter and Metris, provide top-quality options for both heavy-duty and light van requirements. However, if you’re looking for alternatives with a lower initial purchase cost and ongoing maintenance expenses, there are plenty of other reliable options available.

The vans you choose for your business reflect your company’s professionalism and standards. Drivers appreciate well-made vehicles that offer comfort and safety on the road. Therefore, conducting thorough research before choosing the right vans for your fleet is crucial.

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