Insurance approves new running board for car: Dealer found repairing it

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Insurance approves new running board for car: Dealer found repairing it
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When it comes to insurance claims and car repairs, trust is key. However, a recent incident shared by BHPian outdoorlover reveals a disheartening experience with a Honda dealership. This incident serves as a cautionary tale and sheds light on the importance of integrity in the automotive service industry.

A Fraudulent Act Unveiled

Outdoorlover had submitted their car for repair under an insurance claim, which had been approved for the replacement of the running board. However, upon visiting the workshop to check the progress, they made an unexpected discovery. Instead of replacing the entire running board as approved by the insurance company, the dealership had cut a small piece and welded it to the remaining part of the original board.

The questionable actions of the dealership left Outdoorlover feeling deceived, prompting immediate action. The matter was brought to the attention of the Service Manager, who assured that the part would be replaced accordingly. This incident highlights the lack of integrity of the After Sales Service (A.S.S.) and serves as a valuable lesson for others to exercise caution.

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Expert Insights

To gain a better understanding of the situation, BHPians Turbanator, jkrishnajk, ashivas89, and DRIV3R shared their insights:

According to Turbanator, the dealer may have made the right decision by not removing the entire running board. With the car’s monocoque chassis, welding a new running board across the body would have been necessary, resulting in a joint in the middle. Speaking to someone senior and technical at the dealership could offer further clarification.

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Jkrishnajk suggests that the outer layer of the running board may be replaced, while the welding could be necessary for the metal areas. It’s important to consult a senior representative at the service center to get accurate information and clear any doubts.

Ashivas89 provides valuable knowledge regarding the construction of the running board. Being an integral load-bearing member in cars with monocoque construction, the running board is not a separate replaceable part. It can only be repaired in the case of minor issues. The images shared in this incident support the plausibility of the work being done. However, miscommunication could be the cause for concern. If the dealership charges around 30k for this job item, it can be considered legitimate.

DRIV3R concurs that the dealer is not at fault in this scenario. The entire side panel, including the running board, comes as a single piece, encompassing the A, B, and C pillars. Cutting damaged portions and welding them with similar cuts from a new panel is the standard repair method. The extent of the cutting is a separate discussion, but isolating the repair area as much as possible ensures the best outcome while maintaining the factory finish of the rest of the panel.


Q: Is it common for dealerships to replace the entire running board during repairs?
A: In cars with monocoque construction, the running board is often repaired rather than replaced entirely, unless the damage is extensive.

Q: How can I ensure that my car is repaired properly?
A: It is essential to communicate clearly with the dealership and consult with senior technical representatives to address any concerns or miscommunication during the repair process.

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Q: What should I do if I suspect fraudulent practices by a dealership?
A: Immediately bring your concerns to the attention of the dealership’s management. If necessary, escalate the matter to higher levels within the organization or file a complaint with the relevant authorities.


The incident shared by Outdoorlover serves as a reminder of the importance of integrity and transparency when it comes to car repairs. Trust is crucial, and customers should feel confident that their vehicles are being treated with honesty and expertise. By being vigilant and communicating effectively with dealerships, car owners can ensure that their repairs are carried out according to industry standards.

Remember, your car deserves the best care, and holding dealerships accountable for their actions contributes to a fair and trustworthy automotive service landscape.

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