Porsche’s 911 992.2: Electrifying the Iconic Sports Car

porsche 992.2

Porsche’s 911 has been an icon for over 60 years, and it continues to push the boundaries of performance and innovation. The upcoming 992.2-generation Porsche 911, expected to arrive in 2024, is set to include a hybrid model for the first time in the history of the 911 lineup.

The Power of Hybrid Technology

The key highlight of the 992.2-generation is the introduction of a turbocharged mild-hybrid unit (T-HEV). Unlike traditional hybrids, this self-charging hybrid system charges its battery through the engine and regenerative braking, eliminating the need for external charging. The e-motor can generate an additional 80bhp or more, powered by a high-performance Varta battery with a capacity of approximately 2kWh.

Taking inspiration from Formula 1’s Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) technology, Porsche and Rimac collaborated to develop the fast-charging 400-volt system. The T-HEV system combines two electrical components: an integrated starter generator (ISG) for instant boosting and driving auxiliary equipment, and an e-motor positioned under the fuel tank for improved weight distribution and propulsion of the front wheels.

The compact electric drive unit’s battery is charged by the combustion engine and the brakes. Unfortunately, due to complexity, a manual gearbox won’t be available for this hybrid model. However, the entire T-HEV module weighs less than 25kg, ensuring minimal impact on the car’s overall weight.

Power and Performance

The base engine of the 992.2-generation 911 is a modified 3.0-litre 2TCI twin-turbo six, producing 390bhp and 346lb ft of torque. With the electric motor contributing around 85bhp and 130lb ft of torque, the combined power output is estimated to be around 475bhp and 477lb ft. This places the 911 T-HEV between the 911 GTS and the Turbo in terms of performance. Furthermore, reports suggest that the future GT2 RS, with over 800bhp, will also adopt the T-HEV hybrid approach.

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Evolving Design and Enhanced Features

The 992.2-generation brings not only new engines but also refined design elements. While the sheet metal remains largely unchanged, the car features updated soft parts such as bumpers, wheels, lights, mirrors, and aero aids. The redesigned lower front air intake now includes five adjustable vertical louvres, allowing for more effective cooling and increased braking performance. Certain versions of the 992.2 will also feature an extended lower lip to enhance high-speed stability by generating additional downforce.

With various model-specific front and rear bumper variations to choose from, the Turbo and Turbo S models showcase distinct tailpipe designs. Other models offer both center and side-mounted single or dual exhaust systems with chrome or black tips. Additionally, rear wings will range from a small motorized deflector to an extra-tall wing for the RS variant. Redesigned five-dot headlights, new-look tail lights, and indicators will further enhance the car’s visual appeal. Plus, the Porsche lettering in the center will be illuminated at night.

Inside the 992.2, a new, fully electronic instrument panel takes center stage. Five partly overlapping round instruments, including a digital speedometer and the iconic rev-counter, are positioned in front of the driver, emphasizing Porsche’s commitment to a driver-focused experience.


Q: Will the 992.2-generation 911 be available with a manual gearbox?
Unfortunately, due to complexity, a manual gearbox won’t be available for the hybrid model in the 992.2-generation 911.

Q: What is the estimated power output of the hybrid model in the 992.2-generation 911?
The hybrid model in the 992.2-generation 911 is expected to have a combined power output of approximately 475bhp and 477lb ft, making it a performance-oriented variant.

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Q: What are some notable design changes in the 992.2-generation 911?
The 992.2-generation 911 features updated soft parts, including redesigned bumpers, wheels, lights, and mirrors. The lower front air intake now includes adjustable vertical louvres, and various models offer distinct tailpipe designs.


As Porsche continues to push the boundaries of performance and innovation, the upcoming 992.2-generation 911 brings a hybrid model to the iconic sports car lineup for the first time. With its turbocharged mild-hybrid unit, refined design elements, and impressive power output, the 992.2-generation 911 promises to electrify enthusiasts and further solidify its status as an automotive legend.

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