Redesigned Alien Revolution Cam: Addressing Flaws and Improvements

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Fixe has recently released the latest version of the Alien cam, called the Revolution. This redesigned cam aims to address some of the previous flaws and issues experienced with the older models. In the past, the trigger wires would fray and the trigger sleeve would detach, but it seems like Fixe has taken steps to rectify these problems.

Enhancements in the Alien Revolution

The Alien Revolution introduces several improvements over its predecessor, the Alien Evolution. Firstly, the woven trigger wires have been replaced with solid wires, making them more durable and eliminating the fraying issue. This change ensures a longer lifespan for the cam.

Alien Revolution Cam
An early look at the new Alien Revolution cams at summer OR.

Secondly, the plastic trigger and trigger bar have been replaced with aluminum counterparts. This shift back to the original design aims to prevent the trigger sleeve from detaching. These updates enhance the overall reliability of the cam.

Alien Revolution Cam
The Revolution (left) features solid trigger wires, while the Evolution (right) had a woven cable prone to fraying.

Lastly, the trigger sleeve is no longer color-coded to the cam size, but the trigger bar still is. This change makes it easier to differentiate between the Revolution and Evolution models.

Additional Considerations

In terms of weight, the Revolution cam is only 1 gram lighter than the Evolution. This minor change ensures that the cam remains lightweight without compromising its performance.

While the Revolution model is relatively new and unproven at the time of this post, it shows promising improvements compared to its predecessor. One potential downside to note is that the cam lacks cam stops, which may allow the lobes to flip in soft rock.

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Overall, the Alien Revolution cam is a refined version of the previous design. This redesign effectively addresses the issues experienced by its predecessor while retaining the features that made it popular. If you enjoy granite or basalt trad climbing, the Alien cam remains an excellent choice.

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FAQs about the Alien Revolution Cam

  1. Q: Is the Alien Revolution Cam significantly different from the Alien Evolution?

    • A: While the Revolution Cam is a refinement of the Evolution model, it introduces crucial improvements to address previous flaws.
  2. Q: How does the Alien Revolution Cam compare in terms of weight?

    • A: The Revolution Cam is slightly lighter, weighing just 1 gram less than the Evolution.
  3. Q: Are there any downsides to using the Alien Revolution Cam?

    • A: One potential downside is that the cam lacks cam stops, which may cause the lobes to flip in soft rock.


The Alien Revolution Cam takes the strengths of the previous model and builds upon them, delivering a more reliable and durable option for trad climbers. With its new features and improvements, the Revolution Cam offers an excellent choice for those seeking performance and versatility in their climbing gear. Visit Car news for more car-related updates and reviews.