Are Range Rover Velars Reliable?

range rover velar reliability

Do you have your sights set on a luxurious and practical Land Rover Range Rover? If so, you’re probably wondering which model of the many currently available is the most reliable and therefore right for you and your family.

Luckily, the expert team of Land Rover mechanics at ART Garage Crewe is on hand to help! For support determining whether a Range Rover Velar might be the best option, we will explore Range Rover Velar reliability in more detail below.

How Reliable is a Range Rover Velar?

Based on the results of What Car’s 2022 Reliability Survey, Land Rover doesn’t seem to have a great reputation when it comes to reliability. Finishing 31st out of 32 brands, the likes of BMW, Audi, Mercedes, and Porsche all performed significantly better, coming out on top of this well-known SUV manufacturer. However, is the Range Rover Velar a reliable exception?

According to Car Expert, the Land Rover Range Rover Velar has a lower-than-average reliability score, which doesn’t come as a surprise following Land Rover’s unimpressive reputation. However, many SUV enthusiasts still gravitate towards this vehicle model, hailing it as adaptable and capable, and confirming that it “does the job of a proper Land Rover”.

Which is the Most Reliable Range Rover Velar?

The most reliable Range Rover Velar, according to What Car’s 2022 Reliability Survey, is the Range Rover Velar (2017-present). This model managed to achieve the highest percentage of any current Land Rover (90.7%), making it one of the wisest options if you’re keen to purchase a reliable Range Rover.

Range Rover Velar Common Issues

While the robust and modern Range Rover Velar (2017-present) may be one of the more reliable Velar models, just like any other vehicle, they are not without their common issues. From electrical faults to suspension difficulties, we explain some of the most common issues Range Rover Velar owners are faced with, so you know what to expect.

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Problematic Infotainment System

Despite being well-equipped with a sought-after infotainment system, the Range Rover Velar infotainment system often suffers from a wide range of annoying faults. Problems may include having an unresponsive touchscreen, poor Bluetooth connectivity, and software bugs showing inaccurate information, making this system more frustrating than helpful.

Software bugs, faulty electrical wiring, and broken components can all cause these infotainment system issues, so it’s important to contact a qualified mechanic for an accurate diagnosis.

Sluggish Transmission

A variety of transmission-related issues have been reported by owners of the Range Rover Velar. These transmission problems include difficulties shifting gears (harsh or delayed shifting), transmission fluid leaks, and overheating – all of which can cause additional damage to the transmission system.

To prevent further damage to the Range Rover Velar and resolve transmission issues as quickly as possible, it’s always best to contact a garage with specialist Land Rover diagnostic tools – just like ART Garage Crewe.

Suspension Issues

Keen to enjoy a smooth ride in your Range Rover Velar? If so, you should be particularly on the lookout for common suspension issues such as stiff suspension, excessive bouncing, and a rough ride. These issues can be symptomatic of common problems like worn-out struts and worn or damaged bushings (small rubber components used in the suspension that act as cushioning).

To avoid these common suspension issues from cropping up in your Range Rover Velar, it’s crucial that the vehicle receives regular inspections. These inspections should be carried out by a qualified mechanic and used to identify and replace any damaged or worn-out suspension components before they become more problematic and dangerous.

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Air Conditioning

Another issue commonly reported by Range Rover Velar owners is broken air conditioning. A wide range of air conditioning problems are known to arise with this vehicle’s air conditioning system, including compressor failure, electrical faults, refrigerant system leaks, clogged air filters, and malfunctioning evaporators.

Fortunately, these issues are often easier to identify and rectify than other more serious problems. As a result, they are typically more affordable to resolve. However, you should still take your vehicle to a reputable garage to ensure any parts are either properly repaired or replaced responsibly using genuine, OEM parts.

Electrical Faults

Unfortunately, electrical faults are a common problem not only with Range Rover Velars but most Land Rover vehicles. Alongside the aforementioned infotainment system issues, other common Range Rover Velar electrical faults include issues with the rearview camera, the lighting system, and even problems with the keyless entry system.

To help identify whether these issues are being caused by faulty wiring, software bugs, or faulty components, you should take the vehicle to a garage with a relevant diagnostic machine. The mechanic will be able to use this machine to identify a specific fault code and address the issue.

Range Rover Velar Help from ART Garage Crewe

If you’re concerned about Range Rover Velar reliability and are struggling to keep your Range Rover Velar running smoothly and on the road, then you’ve come to the right place. The qualified and highly-experienced team of mechanics at ART Garage Crewe is on hand to help.

We use a combination of specialist high-end diagnostic tools for Land Rovers, only genuine OEM parts, and decades of invaluable experience to help us identify and rectify endless automotive issues. Regardless of whether you’re concerned about engine issues or battery faults, we can help.

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Our Land Rover servicing provides high-quality support for drivers, helping them maintain the fantastic condition of their premium SUVs for as long as possible. Eager to find out more about the specialist Land Rover services we can provide at ART Garage Crewe?

To book your Land Rover in for its next service, discuss Range Rover Velar reliability, or find out more about your specific Range Rover Velar issues, please feel free to give us a call on 0127 021 4445. Alternatively, you can also get in touch with the ART Garage Crewe Land Rover specialist team by filling in and submitting our online contact form.

Upon receiving your enquiry, you can rest assured we’ll get back to you soon to find out more about your Range Rover Velar repair and/or servicing requirements.


Q: Are Range Rover Velars reliable?

A: While Range Rover Velars have lower-than-average reliability scores, the Range Rover Velar (2017-present) is considered the most reliable model according to What Car’s 2022 Reliability Survey.

Q: What are the common issues with Range Rover Velars?

A: Common issues with Range Rover Velars include problematic infotainment systems, sluggish transmission, suspension issues, air conditioning problems, and electrical faults.

Q: How can ART Garage Crewe help with Range Rover Velar issues?

A: The team at ART Garage Crewe offers specialized Land Rover services, combining high-end diagnostic tools and genuine OEM parts to address a wide range of Range Rover Velar issues and ensure optimal performance.