Honda Dominates 2024 Car and Driver 10Best Awards with Civic, Accord, and CR-V

Honda has once again reaffirmed its position as the leading brand in the automotive industry, securing three prestigious 2024 Car and Driver 10Best awards. With a total of 92 trophies, Honda has surpassed all other brands in the history of these awards, solidifying its reputation for outstanding design and engineering.

Unmatched Legacy of Success

The Honda Accord, a sleek and powerful sedan, has been honored an incredible 38 times, including an impressive 26-year consecutive streak. As America’s best-selling car for the past five decades, the Accord is hailed as the most awarded vehicle in Car and Driver 10Best history. It continues to evolve, captivating drivers with its unmatched performance and innovation.

Meanwhile, the 11th-generation Honda Civic has secured its place on the 10Best list for the third consecutive year. Known for its exceptional quality and reliability, the Civic has consistently impressed car enthusiasts with its dynamic performance and cutting-edge features.

Not to be overlooked, the 6th-generation Honda CR-V has also been recognized for the second year in a row. This versatile and stylish SUV has become a favorite among drivers who value both functionality and style.

Honda Leading the Charge in Electrification

In addition to its success with traditional combustion engines, Honda is making notable strides in electrification. The Accord and CR-V hybrid models are integral to Honda’s electrification strategy, accounting for more than 50% of their respective models’ sales in 2024. These hybrid vehicles are powered by Honda’s advanced two-motor hybrid system, which excels in both efficiency and performance.

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The Car and Driver 10Best List

To earn a spot on the highly coveted 10Best list, vehicles must meet specific criteria, including being all-new or having significant updates. They must also fall within a base-price cap of $110,000 and be on sale by January 31, 2024. Car and Driver editors evaluate each vehicle based on a score of zero to 100, resulting in the selection of the top 10 vehicles in each category.

Built in North America

Honda’s commitment to manufacturing products close to its customers is evident in the fact that all three award-winning models are built in North America. The Accord is proudly produced in the Marysville Auto Plant in Ohio, while the Civic is manufactured in Alliston, Ontario, Canada, and the Honda Indiana Auto Plant. The CR-V is assembled in three different plants in North America: the East Liberty Auto Plant in Ohio, the Indiana Auto Plant, and Honda of Canada Mfg.


Q: How many awards has Honda won from Car and Driver?
A: Honda has earned a remarkable 92 Car and Driver awards, surpassing all other brands.

Q: What is the most award-winning Honda model?
A: The Honda Accord holds the title for the most awarded vehicle in Car and Driver 10Best history, having been honored 38 times.

Q: Which Honda models are part of the electrification strategy?
A: The Honda Accord and CR-V hybrid models play a significant role in Honda’s electrification vision.


Honda’s dominance in the automotive industry is once again reaffirmed with its outstanding performance in the 2024 Car and Driver 10Best awards. With an impressive lineup that includes the Civic, Accord, and CR-V, Honda continues to captivate car enthusiasts with its exceptional design, innovation, and dedication to customer satisfaction. As Honda sets the bar for excellence, car enthusiasts can anticipate even more exciting and groundbreaking developments from this iconic brand.

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