2018–2020 Chevrolet Equinox – 2.0L Turbo – Advantage

equinox 2.0 turbo

The TRIFECTA 2018+ Chevrolet Equinox 2.0L Turbo 9-speed automatic is a game-changer in the world of car enthusiasts. With impressive power gains and a fully developed transmission calibration, this calibration takes everyday driving to new heights.

Power on Demand

The TRIFECTA 2018+ Equinox recalibration offers power gains of up to +53 ft-lbs of torque and +47 horsepower. These gains are not just at peak performance; they are also available “under the curve,” providing a thrilling driving experience from start to finish. Whether you’re accelerating from a standstill or passing on the highway, the Equinox delivers power on demand.

Enhanced Driving Characteristics

In addition to the power gains, the TRIFECTA calibration also improves the driving characteristics of the Equinox. The 9-speed automatic transmission calibration ensures smooth and precise shifts, allowing for quick acceleration and seamless gear changes. The ESC (Stabilitrak) program enhancements further enhance the driving experience, providing stability and control in various driving conditions.

Advanced Software Reprogramming

The TRIFECTA Performance software reprogramming for the Equinox ECM (Engine Control Module) offers a range of benefits. It improves fuel economy, retains all GM OE diagnostics and functionality, ensures emissions compliance, and maintains the functionality of ABS and TC systems. With the TRIFECTA calibration, your Equinox can perform at its best on all available grades of fuel.

The software reprogramming also includes TCM (Transmission Control Module) calibration. It improves shift times, shift logic, and does not compromise the lifespan of the transmission. The TRIFECTA calibration retains all OE diagnostics and functionality, ensuring a reliable and efficient transmission.

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Additional Features

The TRIFECTA Performance software reprogramming for the Equinox also includes supplementary features that enhance the driving experience. The TRIFECTA DSVM (Driver Selectable Vehicle Modes) allows you to modify driving profiles based on the cruise control enable setting. The TRIFECTA PASM (Performance Auto Stop Mode) improves the auto-stop functionality when the cruise control subsystem is disarmed, optimizing it for sport and performance.

Installation and Availability

Installing the TRIFECTA calibration is quick and easy, with an estimated installation time of around 20 minutes. While premium fuel is recommended for maximum power output, it is not required. This powertrain calibration is currently available for North American vehicles, with plans to expand to other regions in the future.

TRIFECTA Advantage

If your vehicle is stock or has certain modifications that do not require tuning, the TRIFECTA Advantage calibration is the perfect choice. With the Advantage calibration, you can experience the full potential of your vehicle with just one mod. It comes with full customer support for as long as you own your vehicle, making it an excellent entry-level option for maximizing performance.

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  1. Will the TRIFECTA calibration void my vehicle’s warranty?

    • No, the TRIFECTA calibration retains all OE diagnostics and functionality, ensuring your vehicle remains compliant with warranty requirements.
  2. Can I install the TRIFECTA calibration myself?

    • Yes, installing the TRIFECTA calibration is a simple process that can be done in just a few minutes.
  3. Does the TRIFECTA calibration improve fuel economy?

    • Yes, the TRIFECTA calibration improves fuel economy dependent on fuel grade and driving conditions.
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The TRIFECTA 2018+ Chevrolet Equinox 2.0L Turbo 9-speed automatic calibration takes your driving experience to the next level. With impressive power gains, enhanced driving characteristics, and advanced software reprogramming, the Equinox becomes a thrill to drive. Experience the power and performance of the TRIFECTA calibration and unlock the full potential of your Equinox.