World’s First Hellcat Turnkey Engines!


Cleveland Power and Performance is making waves in the car industry by offering the world’s first Hellcat turnkey engines. These engines are removed from late model SRT Hellcat Challengers and Chargers and come complete with all the essential electronics and cooling components. With these turnkey pallets, you can easily install a Hellcat engine into a custom build skid, ready to hit the road with raw power.

Quality Assurance and Warranty

Before selling these turnkey packages, Cleveland Power and Performance takes the necessary steps to ensure the highest quality and performance. Each motor and transmission undergoes a thorough inspection and run test. The company stands behind their products with an exclusive 6-month warranty.

During the inspection process, every component, including computers and wiring, is visually inspected before removal from the vehicle. The engine undergoes several tests to ensure its reliability. A compression test is performed to check the piston rings, intake valves, exhaust valves, and head gaskets. A vacuum test is conducted to identify any issues with intake and exhaust valves, lifters, or vacuum leaks. An oil pressure test is carried out at cold start-up and warm operating temperature to ensure proper rod bearing clearance and an unrestricted oiling system. Lastly, a CO test is done to check for cracks in the engine block and cylinder heads, as well as exhaust gases in the cooling system. The transmission is also inspected by draining and examining the transmission fluid for any debris or foreign material. If any problems are found, the transmission will be repaired as necessary.

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Exquisite Performance and Design

The Challenger Hellcat is the source of these incredible engines. Before removing the engine and transmission, Cleveland Power and Performance meticulously inspects and tests every component. The quality of their work is evident in the performance and design of these engines.

charger hellcat

Once pulled out of the vehicle, all essential wiring, cooling, and drive-line components are carefully mounted to a custom-built pallet. These turnkey engines are built to deliver exceptional power and torque. The 6.2L supercharged HEMI engines produce a jaw-dropping 707HP and 650 ft-lbs of torque. This raw power comes from the factory 2.4L twin-screw supercharger running on 11.6 lbs of boost.

What’s Included?

Here is a list of the parts included in these ready-to-run turnkey pallets:

  • 6.2L supercharged HEMI engine
  • Transmission
  • Belt-driven engine accessories
  • Engine harness
  • Engine computer
  • Both under hood and trunk-mounted fuse boxes
  • Body control module
  • Anti-lock brake unit
  • Complete pedal assembly
  • Shifter
  • Steering column
  • Steering wheel with speedometer and radio controls
  • Ignition with push-button start
  • Both red and black key fobs
  • Body harness with dash and underhood harnesses
  • Hellcat speedometer with functional performance info
  • Touch screen nav radio with controls
  • Hellcat fuel tank with fuel pumps
  • Catalytic converters
  • Intercooler with trans cooler and radiator
  • Intercooler pump
  • Radiator and intercooler overflow bottles
  • Remote oil cooler
  • Engine cooling fans (non Hellcat)


Q: Are these engines suitable for all car models?

A: These turnkey pallets are specifically designed for custom builds using specific models, such as the Challenger and Charger. Please consult with Cleveland Power and Performance for compatibility with your vehicle.

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Q: How long is the warranty for these turnkey packages?

A: Cleveland Power and Performance provides an exclusive 6-month warranty for their turnkey engines, ensuring peace of mind for their customers.

Q: Can I install a Hellcat engine myself?

A: While it is possible to install a Hellcat engine yourself, it is recommended to seek professional assistance to ensure proper installation and performance.


Cleveland Power and Performance has revolutionized the car industry with the world’s first Hellcat turnkey engines. These engines are meticulously inspected, tested, and backed by a 6-month warranty. With astonishing power and performance, these turnkey engines are perfect for those looking to add a touch of Hellcat magic to their custom builds. Visit Car news to learn more about the latest car news and updates.

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