Green Cars Are Underrated. Here Are a Few Of My Favorites

dark green car

Happy St. Patrick’s Day Weekend, car enthusiasts! While driving to class yesterday, I passed a green Kia Soul, a car often the subject of “ugly car” jokes. Surprisingly, it caught my eye and made me appreciate the beauty of green cars. In a world dominated by silver, gray, black, and white, green is an underdog that deserves recognition. So, let’s dive into some of my favorite green-colored cars that may change your perception.

British Racing Green


British Racing Green is hands down my favorite shade of green on any car. It holds a special place in my heart as a Land Rover enthusiast. Mini also embraces this national tradition, keeping the legacy of British Racing Green alive.

The history behind British Racing Green is fascinating. It’s not just one specific green, but rather a range of shades. It gained popularity thanks to Formula 1 World Champion Jack Brabham, who won the championship in a Cooper T51 and T53 sporting two white racing stripes on a green background.

One of my all-time favorite cars painted in British Racing Green is the 1997 Land Rover Defender 90 NAS. With its four-wheel drive convertible and room for six, it’s an absolute dream. Unfortunately, it’s an ultra-exclusive final year Defender imported to the United States, making it quite rare. If only I had $100,000 to spare!

Rivian’s Earth Tones

R1s Launch Green

I have a soft spot for Rivian and their commitment to producing capable, efficient, and practical electric vehicles. Apart from their impressive models, I’m particularly drawn to their colors. Rivian offers two striking green options: “Launch Green” and “Forest Green.”

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On Rivian’s official “Stories” webpage, Aileen Barraza, senior manager for Rivian Colors, Materials, and Finishes, explains the inspiration behind their colors. The greens are derived from the forests of the Pacific Northwest, evoking a connection to nature and the great outdoors. Launch Green was the official color of the first Rivian R1T, while Forest Green exudes a deeper and more captivating hue.

Subaru Crosstrek


Subaru is a brand synonymous with outdoor adventure, travel, and the “granola” lifestyle. Naturally, they offer some green options for those looking to embrace their love for the environment. However, there’s a bit of a debate when it comes to one particular color.

The Subaru Crosstrek comes in a color known as “Plasma Yellow.” While the name suggests yellow, opinions differ. Some argue that it’s more of a dark yellow, while others see it as a light green. I remember the summer of 2022 when Subaru dropped off a fully loaded Crosstrek in this color as a loaner vehicle at our local dealership. Surprisingly, it received mixed reactions, with some customers refusing to drive it. Nevertheless, I personally find it unique and rather charming.


Q: Why are green cars underrated?
A: Green cars often take a backseat to more common colors like silver, gray, and black. However, green cars offer a unique and refreshing aesthetic that can stand out from the crowd.

Q: Are there any other iconic green cars?
A: Absolutely! Some other notable green cars include the iconic British Racing Green Aston Martin DB5, the electric Tesla Model S in Green Metallic, and the classic Volkswagen Beetle in Fern Green.

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Q: Can I customize my car to be green?
A: Yes, many car manufacturers offer green as a customizable option for their models. Check with your local dealership or explore online configuration tools to see if your dream car can be painted green.


Green cars deserve more love and appreciation. Whether it’s the timeless charm of British Racing Green, the earthy tones offered by Rivian, or the unique Plasma Yellow of the Subaru Crosstrek, these green cars bring a touch of individuality to the roads. So, let’s celebrate the underdogs of the automotive world and embrace the beauty of green.

Tell us, car enthusiasts, do you like green cars? Do you own one? Share your thoughts and experiences with us! For more exciting car news and updates, visit Car news.