Exploring Gems in the Junkyard: Hanson Mechanical

junkyard gems

In our quest to uncover hidden treasures, we ventured into Crazy Ray’s junkyard and stumbled upon a few remarkable finds. The allure of the junkyard experience lies in the opportunity to wander and unearth forgotten gems amidst the sea of stripped-down cars. Sadly, these cars will never see the light of day again, and the antique trucks resting outside the gate were priced too steeply to find new homes. Ultimately, they too will succumb to the inexorable march of time.

A Curious Oddity: Vintage Vauxhall

Our first discovery is more of a curiosity than a gem. Who would expect to find a vintage Vauxhall in an American junkyard? Admittedly, the car is in a sorry state, but its presence here is undeniably intriguing. How it managed to evade the crusher’s grasp remains a mystery.


The Faded Beauty of a Late 40s Buick

Our next find truly lives up to the definition of a gem—a late 40s Buick. This car, remarkably intact, must have been a thrilling barn find before its unfortunate demise in the junkyard. Apart from a missing carburetor and one other engine bay component, the vehicle appeared complete. Surprisingly, the back seat harbored two enormous air filters, while the dashboard still boasted its original gauges. The fact that this beauty remained unscathed amidst the wreckage is a testament to the reverence it commanded.


A Heartbreaking Rarity: The 1973 Datsun Z Fairlady

Our final discovery tugs at the heartstrings. How often does one encounter a rust-free vintage Datsun? Behold, the 1973 Datsun Z Fairlady—a solid body, pristine floors, an immaculate frame, and an intact engine complete with all the carbs. Even the VIN numbers and dataplates remain present, testaments to its authenticity and rarity. Witnessing this car, Mike, an avid Z owner, couldn’t help but be captivated, sharing the features of this exceptionally rare find.

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The junkyard offered us a delightful romp on a perfect day, but for aficionados of vintage cars, it evoked a bittersweet sentiment. Leaving the premises, we felt a mix of joy from the visit and remorse for abandoning these forgotten treasures.


Q: Are any of these cars salvageable?

A: Unfortunately, the cars in the junkyard have reached the end of their road. Their fate lies either in the hands of scrappers or as fodder for the passing of time.

Q: Can these cars be restored?

A: While restoration is always a possibility, the level of effort and cost required for these neglected vehicles may prove prohibitive for most enthusiasts.

Q: Are there any other hidden gems in the junkyard?

A: The junkyard is a treasure trove of surprises. With careful exploration, you might uncover more hidden gems waiting to be discovered.


Our adventure through the junkyard brought us face to face with forgotten relics of the past. From the peculiar vintage Vauxhall to the faded splendor of the Buick, and the heartbreaking rarity of the Datsun Z Fairlady, each car had a story to tell. While these treasures may remain confined to the junkyard, their legacy is forever engraved in the annals of automotive history. Next time you find yourself yearning for a wanderlust-filled experience, perhaps a trip to a local junkyard will reveal unexpected treasures that leave a lasting impression.