Chevrolet Cruze Eco Automatic: A Stylish and Fuel-Efficient Choice

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Chevrolet Cruze Eco Automatic: A Stylish and Fuel-Efficient Choice
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Chevrolet has redefined the compact car segment with the Cruze, positioning it as a vehicle that you’ll want to drive, not just one that you can afford. The Cruze Eco, its more fuel-efficient sibling, follows the same philosophy and delivers a stylish and engaging driving experience, all while being great on gas.

Sleek Design Meets Fuel Efficiency

The Cruze Eco incorporates aerodynamic trickery and weight reduction techniques borrowed from the Volt, Chevrolet’s electric flagship. Engineers have implemented several innovative design elements, such as a shutter that closes the lower grille at high speeds, panels on the underbody, closed-off vents at the top of the grille, a spoiler, and a ride-lowering sport suspension. These changes reduce drag by ten percent, resulting in improved fuel efficiency and a more visually appealing appearance compared to the base Cruze model.

Weight Savings Without Compromises

With a manual transmission, the Cruze Eco weighs in at 3,009 pounds, thanks to a variety of weight-saving measures. The sheet metal was reduced in thickness by 1 mm in certain parts, while weld flanges were shortened between 1 and 2 mm. Additionally, smart choices in wheel and tire options shaved off an extra 21.2 pounds. These weight savings not only contribute to better fuel efficiency but also enhance the overall driving experience.

A Surprisingly Pleasant Drive

As someone who has experienced less-than-stellar Chevy compact cars in the past, I was skeptical when I first got behind the wheel of the 2011 Chevy Cruze Eco. However, my doubts quickly dissipated after spending a delightful week with it.

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Despite its weight-saving measures, the Cruze Eco feels exceptionally solid and well-built. The handling is firm, and the steering is precise, providing a certain level of confidence on the road. With 138 horsepower under the hood, the Cruze delivers spirited acceleration that rivals even hybrid vehicles.

Agile and Comfortable

The Cruze Eco handles curves with ease, exhibiting minimal body roll and lean. Whether tackling onramps or sweeping highways, this car shines with its nimble and entertaining performance. Even in strong crosswinds, the Cruze maintains stability and effortlessly cruises at higher speeds.

Inside the cabin, you’ll find pleasing interior surfaces, a well-designed dash, and thoughtful placement of controls. The leather-wrapped steering wheel features convenient buttons for cruise control, stereo, and phone functions. Despite being a compact car, the Cruze offers a surprising amount of comfort, with cloth seats that remain supportive even during long drives. The trunk space is class-leading, and the rear seats are foldable for added versatility.

Impressive Fuel Economy

The Cruze Eco proves that fuel efficiency doesn’t mean compromising on performance or style. During my test drive, the automatic Cruze Eco achieved an impressive 32.6 mpg over 500 miles, which is close to the EPA estimate of 26 city and 37 highway. Opting for the manual transmission version further improves fuel economy, with a rating of 28 city and 42 highway.


Q: Is the Cruze Eco available in different trim levels?
A: Yes, the Cruze Eco is available in various trim levels, allowing you to choose the features and options that best suit your preferences and budget.

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Q: How does the Cruze Eco compare to other fuel-efficient compact cars?
A: The Cruze Eco stands out among its peers with its combination of sleek design, impressive fuel efficiency, and engaging driving dynamics. It offers a compelling alternative to both hybrid and conventional compact cars.


The Chevrolet Cruze Eco Automatic has proven itself as a standout option in the compact car segment. With its aerodynamic design, weight-saving measures, and spirited performance, it offers an engaging driving experience without sacrificing fuel efficiency. The Cruze Eco is a testament to Chevrolet’s commitment to producing stylish, efficient, and enjoyable vehicles that defy expectations.

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