A Detailed Look At The 2025 Toyota bZ5x Three-Row Electric SUV

toyota bz5x

The 2025 Toyota bZ5X is generating a lot of buzz as it prepares to hit the market. Drawing inspiration from the bZ concept SUV, the bZ5X is expected to maintain its sleek and bold design. Renderings suggest a distinctive look characterized by bold lines and squared-up edges. But what sets the bZ5X apart is its size, comparable to the Toyota Highlander. With a length possibly reaching 197 inches, this electric SUV positions itself as a spacious and family-friendly model with a three-row, 7-seater configuration. In this detailed preview of the 2025 Toyota bZ5X, we will discuss its design, interior features, performance, and key specifications.

While many manufacturers are fully embracing the EV surge, Toyota has taken a measured and composed approach. With their leadership in the hybrid domain, venturing into fully electric vehicles has been a gradual process. This deliberate approach appears to be yielding positive results, particularly as other electric vehicle manufacturers are scaling back investments due to sluggish sales.

How Will The 2025 Toyota bZ5X SUV Look?

bZ5X Concept

About three years ago, in December 2021, Toyota unveiled the bZ concept SUV. The production 2025 Toyota bZ5X is expected to closely resemble the concept with a few tweaks for everyday practicality. Recent renderings have showcased a more aggressive look, featuring bold lines and squared-up edges. This design language has become a characteristic shared across some of Toyota’s recent electric and hybrid models.

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The exterior is likely to feature a sculpted profile with subtle plastic cladding, a sweeping greenhouse, and sizable alloy wheels. LED taillights extending above the rear fenders will add to its border appeal.

The 2025 Toyota bZ5X Is An Electric Version Of The Toyota Highlander

One of the standout features of the bZ5X is its size, similar to the Toyota Highlander. With a length of 197 inches, it offers ample space for up to seven to eight occupants in a three-row, 7-seater configuration. Its electric framework allows for a spacious interior, prioritizing passenger comfort and cargo capacity. This positions the bZ5X as a family-friendly model, emphasizing space and practicality as key selling points.

The Toyota bZ5X Will Compete With The Kia EV6

The 2025 bZ5X is expected to compete with the Kia EV6, a formidable rival in the electric SUV market. The bZ5X will offer a driving range of between 380 and 420 miles, making it an excellent choice for road trips. With its larger dimensions and increased weight, the new bZ5X is expected to feature a higher-capacity battery pack, surpassing the 71.4 kWh unit found in the bZ4X. This larger battery aims to enhance the overall range and expedite charging times. Using a DC fast charger, the bZ5X can reach 80% charge in just 20 minutes.

In terms of performance, Toyota is likely to incorporate a dual electric motor configuration, enabling all-wheel drive functionality and swift acceleration. This positions it as a strong contender against rivals such as the Kia EV6.

The bZ5X Interior Embodies Luxury

While images of the Toyota bZ5X interior have yet to be released, it is expected to share a dashboard design with the smaller bZ4X. This includes three-row electric SUV technology and elements borrowed from newer models like the Prius. The infotainment system will feature a range of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), offering the latest technology amenities such as the Toyota Safety Sense.

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The 2025 bZ5X Might Be Underpinned By The e-TNGA Architecture

bZ5X Architecture

While specific technical details about the bZ5X remain undisclosed, it is expected to adopt an extended variant of the e-TNGA architecture. This vehicle architecture, designed for front-, rear-, and all-wheel-drive applications, brings benefits such as a battery capacity ranging from 50 kWh to 100 kWh, driving ranges of up to 372 miles, and great-wheel drive systems, among other things. Some of Toyota’s newest 2024 cars feature the same architecture, such as the BZ4.

Where Will The bZ5X Be Produced?

The forthcoming three-row electric SUV will be produced at Toyota’s Kentucky plant, commencing in 2025. This plant is responsible for manufacturing popular models such as the Camry and RAV4 hybrids. With the addition of the new electric model, Toyota is expanding its manufacturing portfolio. The electric vehicle’s batteries will be supplied by Toyota’s facility in North Carolina, which is set to quadruple its capacity with plans for 10 operational battery lines.

The bZ5X Will Spawn A Large Subaru SUV Model

Similar to the Toyota bZ4X and Subaru Solterra sibling models, the bZ5X will form the basis for a Subaru-branded counterpart. This Subaru version will also be produced at the same Kentucky plant, offering another SUV choice for the U.S. market. While it is expected to share a similar appearance with the Toyota bZ5X, there may be distinctive Subaru characteristics incorporated.

Toyota Has More Planned In The Electric Vehicle Field

The bZ4X is Toyota’s only electric SUV in North America at the moment, but the brand has ambitious plans for the future. Toyota is preparing to introduce 10 new electric vehicles globally, signaling their commitment to the electric vehicle market.

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2025 bZ5X Release Date

The 2025 Toyota bZ5X is set to launch sometime in 2025. Keep an eye out for camouflaged prototypes in the coming months, as Toyota prepares to unveil the production-ready model. Anticipation is high for the bZ5X, and car enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting its arrival.


  1. What is the expected driving range of the 2025 Toyota bZ5X?

    • The bZ5X is expected to offer a driving range between 380 and 420 miles.
  2. Will the bZ5X have all-wheel drive?

    • Yes, Toyota is likely to incorporate a dual electric motor configuration, enabling all-wheel drive functionality.
  3. Where will the bZ5X be produced?

    • The bZ5X will be produced at Toyota’s Kentucky plant.


The 2025 Toyota bZ5X is an exciting addition to the electric SUV market. With its spacious three-row, 7-seater configuration and impressive driving range, it positions itself as a family-friendly option for those seeking practicality and comfort. Toyota’s deliberate approach to electric vehicles ensures a well-designed and thought-out model that meets the needs of consumers. Keep an eye out for the bZ5X as it makes its way to dealerships in 2025. For more car news, visit Car news.