Best Ceramic Coatings

best ceramic wax

A nano-ceramic coating can provide superior protection for your car’s exterior, surpassing the durability of conventional wax coatings. While professional application is an option, these coatings are also easily applied by yourself.

What Is A Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic car coating is a liquid polymer that chemically bonds with a vehicle’s clearcoat, safeguarding the paint from various environmental threats. These threats include acid rain, grime, dirt, debris, industrial fallout, UV rays, water spots, and bird droppings. The key ingredient in ceramic coatings is silicon dioxide, giving them hydrophobic properties that repel water and prevent dirt from adhering to your car’s surface.

Moreover, ceramic car coatings are not only functional but also visually appealing. After application and curing, the coating hardens, providing your car with a stunning “candy apple” shine. The best ceramic coatings for cars not only enhance the gloss of your paint job but also deepen its color.

Cost Of Professional Ceramic Coating

While professional-grade ceramic coatings offer longer-lasting protection, lasting up to three years, they can be quite expensive. A professional detail can cost between $1,000 and $2,000. However, opting for high-quality DIY ceramic coatings allows you to achieve a professional-grade finish without the hefty price tag.

Is Ceramic Coating Worth It?

There are several reasons why adding a ceramic car coating to your detailing routine is beneficial:

Longer-lasting than car wax: Traditional carnauba wax provides a beautiful shine, but its effects last only three to six months. On the other hand, some of the best ceramic coatings for cars offer protection for over a year. While applying a ceramic coating may require more effort, you won’t need to reapply it as frequently as wax.

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Protection from the elements: Ceramic coatings shield your vehicle from a wide range of elements, including UV rays, debris, rain, stains, oils, dirt, contaminants, and industrial fallout. Regardless of your location, your car’s paint job can be subjected to harsh conditions. With a ceramic car coating, your paint will be safeguarded in the long term.

Reduced cleaning time: Once a ceramic coating cures and hardens, the surface of your car becomes extremely slick, making it difficult for water, dirt, and debris to adhere. With fewer particles on your car, you’ll spend less time cleaning.

Cost-effective enhancement: On average, ceramic car coating products range from $15 to $25. Pro-grade kits may cost more, but most are less than $100. This makes ceramic coatings a cost-effective way to elevate the appearance of your car.

Can You Wax Over Ceramic Coating?

While it is possible to apply wax after a ceramic coating has cured, it may be redundant. Both wax and ceramic coatings serve similar purposes. While wax enhances the sheen and shine of your car’s surface, ceramic coatings offer the same benefits and more.

Clark Webster, an experienced auto detailing expert, suggests avoiding the combination of wax and ceramic coatings. The hydrophobic properties of the coating render the wax useless. However, there are “top coats” specifically designed for use with coatings, which can rejuvenate the base coating and provide additional protection. This eliminates the need for traditional waxes.

Ceramic Coating Vs. Car Wax

Ceramic coatings and car wax serve the same fundamental purpose: protecting your paint and adding a glossy finish. However, there are notable differences between the two. According to detailing professional Clark Webster, ceramic coatings provide superior durability, protection, and longevity compared to wax. While wax typically lasts three to four months, coatings can last anywhere from six months to five years.

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Of course, cost is a factor to consider. Car wax is significantly less expensive than a ceramic coating. Professional ceramic coating application can cost as much as a new paint job. DIY ceramic coatings are more affordable, but applying them correctly can be challenging. It may be worth considering taking a class on ceramic coating application at a local detailing shop.


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Ceramic coatings offer a superior level of protection and shine for your car’s paint job. They last longer than traditional wax coatings and provide lasting defense against environmental hazards. While professional application is an option, high-quality DIY ceramic coatings are a cost-effective alternative. Consider the benefits of ceramic coatings and choose the option that suits your needs and budget.