Car News: Consumer Reports Reveals the 10 Worst Car Brands

worst car brands

When it comes to evaluating car brands as a whole, Consumer Reports magazine goes beyond individual models to assess how they stack up. The magazine takes into account predicted reliability, owner satisfaction, road performance, and safety. In its latest report, Consumer Reports reveals the 10 worst car brands, and the results might surprise you.

Fiat Takes the Bottom Spot

For the second year in a row, Fiat finds itself at the bottom of the list among the 34 brands evaluated. With a score of only 39, Fiat falls far behind the second-worst brand, Jeep, which scored 48. In contrast, the best brand overall is Hyundai’s luxury division, Genesis, with a remarkable score of 81.

Fiat Chrysler Divisions Predominate

Joining Fiat and Jeep in the top 10 worst brands are other divisions of Fiat Chrysler. Alfa Romeo occupies the fourth spot, Dodge comes in at eighth, and Ram ranks ninth. The only bright spot for the Chrysler division, which includes the Pacifica minivan and the 300 sedan, is its 11th place position on the list of best brands.


Fiat’s Downfall

According to Jake Fisher, head of Consumer Reports’ auto testing, Fiat falls short in multiple areas. It lacks driving enjoyment, reliability, and spaciousness, making it an overall disappointment. Many Fiat Chrysler vehicles are built on older platforms that are not as modern as their competitors’, further contributing to their poor performance.

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Consumer Reports’ findings are featured in the April issue of the magazine. Known for its independent evaluations, Consumer Reports purchases the models it tests directly from dealers rather than borrowing them from automakers.

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Fiat Chrysler Responds

Berj Alexanian, a spokesman for Fiat Chrysler, claims that there is a disconnect between how customers perceive their vehicles and the ratings given by Consumer Reports. Alexanian points out that despite a low score from the magazine, the Jeep Wrangler remains popular among customers. He emphasizes that Fiat and Alfa Romeo vehicles are designed with European characteristics that some American drivers may not fully appreciate.

Not All Fiat Chrysler Models Are Bad

Consumer Reports’ critique does not extend to all Fiat Chrysler models. The Pacifica minivan, for instance, earned praise from testers and boasts good initial reliability.

The Top 10 Worst Brands

Here is the ranking of the top 10 worst car brands, according to Consumer Reports:

  1. Fiat
  2. Jeep
  3. Land Rover
  4. Alfa Romeo
  5. Mitsubishi
  6. Jaguar
  7. GMC
  8. Dodge
  9. Ram
  10. Mini

The Top 10 Best Brands

And on a more positive note, here are the 10 best car brands, according to Consumer Reports:

  1. Genesis
  2. Audi
  3. BMW
  4. Lexus
  5. Porsche
  6. Kia
  7. Subaru
  8. Tesla
  9. Honda
  10. Toyota


Q: How does Consumer Reports determine the rankings?
A: Consumer Reports evaluates car brands based on predicted reliability, owner satisfaction, road performance, and safety.

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Q: What makes Fiat the worst brand?
A: Fiat falls short in terms of driving experience, reliability, and overall comfort.

Q: Which Fiat Chrysler divisions also made it to the worst brands list?
A: Alfa Romeo, Dodge, and Ram are among the Fiat Chrysler divisions ranked in the top 10 worst brands.

Q: Are there any Fiat Chrysler models that received positive reviews?
A: Yes, the Pacifica minivan impressed testers and demonstrated good initial reliability.


Consumer Reports’ latest report sheds light on the best and worst car brands in terms of predicted reliability, owner satisfaction, road performance, and safety. While Fiat finds itself at the bottom of the list for the second year in a row, Genesis claims the top spot among all brands. As car enthusiasts, it’s important to stay informed about the ongoing evaluations of car brands to make informed decisions when purchasing a new vehicle.

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