Review: Langdon Tactical Hellcat Custom

By Paul Carlson

When I first heard that Langdon Tactical Technologies (LTT) was working on a customized version of the Springfield Armory Hellcat, I was immediately intrigued. LTT, led by Ernest Langdon, has built a solid reputation for their exceptional work on DA/SA guns like the Springfield XD-E. So it was surprising to learn that they were taking on a striker-fired pistol like the Hellcat.

The Hellcat is already a highly capable firearm right out of the box, with a strong track record of reliability and performance. So why would Langdon want to customize it? The answer lies in LTT’s commitment to making great firearms extraordinary.

Why Refine the Hellcat OSP?

As someone who has fired thousands of rounds through the Hellcat, I can attest to its quality. It’s a reliable and easy-to-shoot gun with a responsive trigger and manageable recoil. So what does LTT bring to the table?

The answer is customization. LTT’s goal is to take a great pistol like the Hellcat and make it even better. By adding their expert touches, they elevate the gun to new heights of performance and aesthetics. And that’s exactly what they’ve done with the LTT Hellcat Custom.

Custom Upgrades

The LTT Hellcat Custom boasts several upgrades that enhance both its visual appeal and shooting capabilities. The most noticeable change is the red Apex trigger, which not only catches the eye but also improves the overall shooting experience. Its wide, flat shoe and smooth operation make for a pleasant and consistent trigger press.

Additionally, the slide of the LTT Hellcat is engraved with the Langdon Tactical Technologies logo, clearly indicating its custom status. And a red Hyve Technologies back plate adds a finishing touch to the gun’s stylish red and black theme.

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The Trigger

While looks are important, performance is paramount when it comes to a defensive firearm. The LTT Hellcat Custom delivers on both fronts. The Apex trigger not only looks great but also enhances the shooting experience with its wide shoe and smooth paddle safety. The trigger press is consistent and pleasant, thanks to LTT’s internal work on the trigger components.

It’s worth noting that the Hellcat OSP already has a great trigger out of the box, but the LTT customization takes it to another level of excellence.

Optical Options

The LTT Hellcat Custom is designed to accept optics, and the HEX Wasp from Springfield makes for a perfect match. Its low-profile mount allows for the use of the stock U-notch sights, maintaining the overall sleekness of the gun. If you prefer a different optic, LTT offers a variety of options along with the necessary mounting plates.

Gripping Changes

To improve control and mitigate recoil, LTT offers two gripping options for the Hellcat. The Talon Evolution Grips provide additional texture to a larger area of the grip, while custom laser stippling adds permanent texturing to specific areas of the frame. These options allow for a more secure and comfortable grip on the gun.


Langdon Tactical Technologies has taken the already impressive Springfield Armory Hellcat OSP and turned it into something truly extraordinary with the LTT Hellcat Custom. The combination of visual enhancements, performance upgrades, and customization options make this gun a standout in its class.

With prices starting at just $685, the LTT Hellcat Custom offers exceptional value for those looking to elevate their shooting experience. Whether you’re a seasoned shooter or a first-time gun owner, LTT’s attention to detail and commitment to excellence make the LTT Hellcat Custom a top choice.

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Q: Is the LTT Hellcat Custom worth the price?

A: Absolutely. The enhancements and customization provided by Langdon Tactical Technologies make the LTT Hellcat Custom an extraordinary firearm. With prices starting at $685, it offers exceptional value for the quality and performance it delivers.

Q: Can I use a different optic on the LTT Hellcat Custom?

A: Yes, LTT offers a range of optic options for the Hellcat Custom, along with the necessary mounting plates to accommodate different optics. However, the HEX Wasp from Springfield is a popular choice due to its low-profile design and compatibility with the stock U-notch sights.

Q: Will the custom grip enhancements affect the reliability of the Hellcat?

A: No, the grip enhancements offered by LTT, such as the Talon Evolution Grips and laser stippling, are designed to improve control and recoil management without compromising the reliability of the Hellcat. These enhancements provide a more secure grip without affecting the gun’s performance.

Q: Can I purchase the LTT Hellcat Custom directly from Langdon Tactical Technologies?

A: Yes, you can purchase the LTT Hellcat Custom directly from Langdon Tactical Technologies. Visit their website or contact them for more information on pricing and customization options.


The LTT Hellcat Custom is a testament to Langdon Tactical Technologies’ commitment to excellence and their ability to transform a great firearm into something extraordinary. With its visual upgrades, enhanced trigger, and customization options, this gun offers both style and performance. Whether you’re a seasoned shooter or a first-time gun owner, the LTT Hellcat Custom is a top-tier choice that delivers on all fronts.

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