Are Alfa Romeo Cars Reliable?

alfa romeo reliability

Stylish good-lookers on the outside, unreliable buckets of bolts on the inside. At least, that’s the stereotype… But it’s the year 2024, and Alfa Romeo has come a long way. It’s a brand that can now compete with almost all of its rivals for safety, mechanics, and customer experience.

Why the Bad Rep?

Alfa Romeos may or may not have run like lemons back in the 60s and 70s, and unfortunately, that reputation has carried over to the present day. However, it’s important to note that for every Alfa Romeo horror story, there are many satisfied Alfa Romeo drivers. Much of the bad press surrounding Alfa Romeo cars can be traced back to older models with a track record for rust and other issues. But as you’ll soon find out, newer models are far more dependable.

What Does Customer Feedback Say?

In a survey conducted by UK-based What Car? Magazine in 2022, Alfa Romeo was awarded a fifth-place overall reliability out of a total of 32 manufacturers, outperforming well-known ‘safe’ brands like Honda and Subaru, as well as more prestigious ones like Audi, Porsche, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz.

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How Reliable are Consumer Reports?

Consumer reports are considered reliable as they draw upon the experiences of actual car owners and factors such as recalls and faults. In the case of Alfa Romeo, despite their overall reliability, they are prone to more minor faults, such as suspension or traction issues and certain electrical faults. However, these non-serious faults are something that many Alfa Romeo drivers are willing to forgive due to the pleasure of driving a premium brand.

Common Alfa Romeo Problems

While Alfa Romeos are generally reliable, they are particularly prone to minor faults, such as suspension and electrical issues. Engine and gearbox faults of a more serious nature make up only a small percentage of reported problems. Despite these minor faults, Alfa Romeo owners appreciate the overall experience of driving a premium brand.

Are Alfa Romeos Expensive to Maintain?

Maintaining an Alfa Romeo can be costly, especially if something major goes wrong. This is primarily due to the brand’s luxury status and the unique replacement parts required for its models. Regular maintenance and servicing can help minimize the risk of major repairs and keep your Alfa Romeo in good condition.

Which Alfa Romeo is the Most Reliable?

The main Alfa Romeo vehicles on the market today are the Giulietta, Giulia, and Stelvio and Tonale SUVs. Among these models, the Giulietta has been rated highly for reliability, with a score of 98.6% by What Car? Magazine. The Giulia and Stelvio also have positive reliability ratings, making them reliable choices for drivers.

Alfa Romeo Vs. Competitors

When comparing Alfa Romeo to competitors like Audi and BMW, it’s important to consider their overall reliability track record. While Alfa Romeo models have improved significantly in recent years, Audi and BMW still have a better track record of producing reliable cars. However, Alfa Romeo’s recent models stack up well against the competition.

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Does It Help If I’m Leasing?

Leasing a new Alfa Romeo can provide some benefits in terms of reliability. Newer cars are less likely to experience breakdowns, saving you money and time on repairs. Additionally, since Alfa Romeo models don’t hold their value well, leasing allows you to avoid dealing with depreciation.

So, Is Alfa Romeo Reliable?

For the most part, Alfa Romeo’s newer models are reliable, with minor electrical issues being the main concern. The brand has made significant improvements in reliability, and several of their recent models can be considered as good choices compared to reputable German brands. While there is room for improvement, Alfa Romeo is a brand worth considering for those seeking a luxurious and sporty driving experience.


Does Alfa Romeo have reliability issues?

Older Alfa Romeos generally did, but things have greatly improved in recent years.

Is Alfa Romeo expensive to maintain?

Unfortunately, yes. It is a luxury brand, and replacement parts unique to Alfa Romeo models can be costly.

Is BMW or Alfa Romeo more reliable?

Generally speaking, BMW is still considered the more reliable brand. However, Alfa Romeo has made strides in improving its reliability.

Which Alfa Romeo is the most reliable?

The Quadrifoglio versions of each model, particularly the Stelvio, are known for their reliability.

Are Alfa Romeo Giulietta parts expensive?

Yes, Alfa Romeo Giulietta parts can be quite expensive.