Review: 2012 Ford Focus Titanium

The 2012 Ford Focus Titanium is a car that raises the bar in terms of quality and performance. It offers a great combination of power, fuel efficiency, and modern features. Let’s dive into the details of this exceptional vehicle.

The Powerhouse

All 2012 Focus models come equipped with a new 2.0-liter inline-4 engine. This modern engine uses direct injection and other state-of-the-art technologies to deliver an impressive 160 horsepower and 146 lb.ft of torque. The power and flexibility of this engine make the Focus a nimble little car that can handle any task with ease. Plus, it offers excellent fuel efficiency, with a rating of 7.2 L/100 km in the city and 4.8 L/100 km on the highway.

A Stylish Exterior

The 2012 Focus boasts Ford’s “Kinetic Design” language, which gives the car a modern and dynamic look. The hatchback variant, in particular, stands out with its aggressive front end and sleek curves. The wrap-around tail-lights and Dragon Eye headlight design add to the overall aesthetics. The Focus offers different wheel choices, including 18″ rims that give the car a hot and sporty appearance.

Upscale Interior

Step inside the Focus Titanium, and you’ll find an interior that’s upscale and well-designed. The dash features soft plastic with a nice texture, and the fit and finish throughout the cabin are exemplary. The two-tone leather interior adds a touch of sophistication, although opinions may vary on the bold color combination. The seats are comfortable and offer good support, while the ambient lighting adds a fun touch.

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Tech and Convenience

The Focus Titanium comes equipped with Ford’s MyFord Touch system, which controls various functions like audio, navigation, climate control, and phone connectivity. While this system has shown promising technology, it does suffer from some response time issues. However, the 2012 models have seen significant improvements in this area through firmware updates.

Other notable tech features include a Sony-branded stereo system with 10 speakers for exceptional audio quality, a simple dual-zone climate control system, and a tilt/slide sunroof. The car also has the MyKey system, which allows parents to set limits on speed and audio volume, providing peace of mind for parents of teenage drivers.

Impressive Handling

When it comes to driving performance, the Focus Titanium does not disappoint. The car is incredibly competent and handles exceptionally well in various conditions, including snow and ice. The electronically-assisted power steering is responsive and adapts to different driving situations. The Focus also features torque-vectoring, which provides better performance and handling during spirited driving.


While the Focus Titanium offers an overall excellent driving experience, there are a few minor issues worth mentioning. The D-pads on the steering wheel feel awkward to use, the cupholders have no adjustment mechanism, and turning off the traction control requires navigating through multiple menus. Additionally, the manual shifting mechanism for the automatic transmission feels less than ideal.


In conclusion, the 2012 Ford Focus Titanium is a remarkable car that offers a compelling package of power, efficiency, and modern features. Its stylish exterior, upscale interior, and impressive handling make it a standout in its class. With exceptional build quality and standard tech and safety features, the Focus is definitely worth considering for anyone in the market for a compact car.

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I give the Focus an 8 out of 10 and highly recommend taking a close look at it when shopping in this class. Even at the Titanium trim level, the car remains competitive and offers excellent value for the price. The upcoming Focus ST is also worth keeping an eye on for those seeking even more performance. Ford’s commitment to making quality vehicles is evident in the Focus, and it’s a car that I would personally love to own.

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