Pros, Cons & Mileage of the Jeep Compass Sport Petrol AT

Jeep Compass

BHPian car-go shares his detailed ownership review of the Jeep Compass Sport Petrol AT, highlighting the pros, cons, and mileage of this impressive vehicle.

This review is based on a Jeep Compass Sport Petrol AT with a mileage of approximately 750km. The initial 350km was driven entirely in the city, while the remaining 400km consisted of highway driving during a weekend trip. With this context in mind, let’s delve into the review.


DRLs and Cruise Control

The Jeep Compass Sport comes equipped with Daytime Running Lights (DRLs), which remain lit while the car is in motion. The presence of DRLs enhances visibility and safety. Additionally, the cruise control feature proves to be a boon during long highway stretches, providing a chance to relax the leg and maintain a set speed. However, resuming cruise control after slowing down can be a bit intimidating, as the car accelerates swiftly.

Stability and Comfort

The Jeep Compass Sport offers exceptional stability and minimal body roll while cornering, making it an ideal choice for those who experience motion sickness. During a long drive with five adults and a child, ranging in height from 5’3″ to 5’8″, along with a 68-year-old grandmother, everyone found the journey comfortable. The rear seats accommodated four passengers without any discomfort or back pain.

Gradual Speed Build-up and Ingress/Egress

The car exhibits a gradual and smooth speed build-up at low speeds, ensuring a comfortable ride for passengers. The acceleration is so subtle that even those seated in the back hardly notice the increase in speed. Additionally, the ingress and egress are convenient for elderly passengers, providing easy access to the car.

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Other Notable Features

  • The bonnet effectively insulates engine heat, preventing it from transferring to the exterior. Even after driving for a considerable distance, the bonnet remains cool to the touch.
  • The car’s interior remained dry during heavy rain, showcasing its resistance to seepage.
  • The 8.4″ MID and 3.5″ instrument cluster display offer ample information and functionality, including a clear view of the rear camera. Android Auto integration seamlessly connects with Google Maps for navigation during long trips.
  • The vehicle provides sufficient luggage space, accommodating all travel essentials and additional shopping items without any hassle.
  • The addition of TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) enhances safety and convenience.
  • The car’s overall handling resembles that of a sedan, offering a fantastic all-around view.


Missing Features

  • The Jeep Compass Sport lacks fog lamps, making it difficult to evaluate their necessity during dark nights with heavy rainfall.
  • The absence of a rear parcel tray/shelf necessitates a separate purchase from the dealership.
  • The manual AC, while adequate, requires maximum cooling settings initially, followed by adjustments to maintain a comfortable temperature.
  • Locating the 12V socket at the back, below the AC vent, and the USB-A socket can be a bit challenging.

Mild Speed Build-up and Ignition Restart

Although the gradual speed build-up is appreciated by passengers, it may test the driver’s patience, as mentioned by Floyd de Souza. Additionally, figuring out how to stop the ignition and restart it at a long traffic signal with auto start/stop disabled can be slightly confusing.

What I Do Not Care About

The reviewer shares some features that they personally do not consider essential:

  • Sunroof: The absence of a sunroof does not bother the reviewer, even with previous experiences driving cars with sunroofs in the US. The pleasant experience of driving with the AC on, even in high temperatures, more than compensates for the lack of a sunroof.
  • Auto Headlamps and Wipers: Although these features are impressive, the reviewer is not particularly fond of sensor-based electronics. The presence of DRLs that automatically light up during drives provides sufficient visibility.
  • 4×4 and ADAS Features: The reviewer does not feel the need for 4×4 capabilities or Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) at present.
  • Mobile Connectivity: While higher models offer mobile connectivity through the JeepLife app, the reviewer expresses concern about potential cybersecurity threats. They have not utilized this feature but acknowledge its usefulness for others.
  • Manual Mode: The car’s control is comprehensive, limiting the need for manual shifting, as described by Sharan.
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The Jeep Compass Sport Petrol AT delivers a mileage of 8.9 km/l during city driving. However, the overall average, including the highway trip, amounts to 10.6 km/l. Further calculations suggest that the car achieved 12 km/l on the highway. The reviewer anticipates improved mileage as the car continues to break in after covering a few thousand kilometers.

Jeep Compass Mileage


Overall, the Jeep Compass Sport Petrol AT offers a delightful driving experience with noteworthy features that prioritize comfort, stability, and convenience. The car’s gradual speed build-up, spacious interiors, and impressive mileage contribute to its appeal. While it may lack certain features like fog lamps and a rear parcel tray, the Jeep Compass Sport remains a reliable and enjoyable choice for car enthusiasts.

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Q: Does the Jeep Compass Sport Petrol AT come with fog lamps?

A: No, the Jeep Compass Sport does not come equipped with fog lamps. However, the reviewer is yet to test their necessity in dark nights with heavy rainfall.

Q: What is the mileage of the Jeep Compass Sport Petrol AT?

A: The Jeep Compass Sport Petrol AT delivers a mileage of 8.9 km/l during city driving. The overall average, including a highway trip, is 10.6 km/l. On the highway, the car achieves around 12 km/l.

Q: Are there any missing features in the Jeep Compass Sport Petrol AT?

A: Yes, the Jeep Compass Sport Petrol AT lacks fog lamps and a rear parcel tray/shelf. Additionally, it features manual AC and locating the 12V and USB-A sockets can be slightly challenging.

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