Introducing One Group Racing: Targeting GT3 in 2024

Introducing One Group Racing, a new team set to emerge in 2024, is worthy of more serious consideration than many others. The man behind it, Dutchman Ron Hartvelt, has extensive heritage and success in the realm of Touring Cars, making this new team particularly intriguing.

Hartvelt’s racing career includes several years with Red Bull, where he played a pivotal role in transitioning the F1 outfit from its Jaguar Racing predecessor. However, it is in Touring Cars where Hartvelt has truly excelled thus far. His journey began as a junior engineer at RML in the mid-1990s, working on the Vauxhall Cavalier program in the BTCC.

Throughout his career at RML, Hartvelt experienced great success through different eras, working on the Cavalier, title-winning Nissan Primera, and Chevrolet (Lacetti and Cruze) periods. He rose through the ranks, leading engineering teams for some of the world’s most successful touring car builders and race teams of that period. He even played a part in the development of the Saleen S7-R program, a US supercar and GT racer.

Following his time with RML, Hartvelt joined Polestar Cyan Racing, where he headed up their Volvo S60 WTCC effort and secured another World Title. He then moved on to the Lynk & Co. TCR program, once again achieving title-winning success. In addition to these endeavors, Hartvelt established his own engineering outfit, One Group Engineering, in 2016. It has since earned a reputation as a go-to service provider for delivering motorsport and low-volume automotive engineering programs.

One Group Engineering’s trackside and office-based functions include the operation of the Lynk & Co. TCR Customer Sports program. Now, their workshops are set to become the operating base for One Group Racing’s next venture—a planned GT3 campaign in the 2024 season.

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Currently, advanced negotiations are underway with multiple manufacturers to determine the right machinery for the team’s debut season. The team is also considering which races and championships to take on. One Group Engineering’s race team will be based in new premises at Sywell Aerodrome, surrounded by a growing high-tech community of businesses on Brooklands Technology Park, which provides access to Sywell’s runway for shakedown and straight-line testing.

With decades of experience in touring cars, why the shift to GT racing? “We have been following the development in GT racing for a while, whilst supporting teams within it. The success of GT racing and its continuity is almost unmatched in any other form of motorsport other than F1,” said Hartvelt. It is clear that GT racing, especially now that the road to Le Mans is open for GT3 cars, is an enticing endeavor.

Hartvelt emphasized that this GT racing program is not a move away from touring cars but a parallel path to support their strategy for growth. The team aims to start with a two-car team in an international series, focusing on excellence rather than volume. The ultimate ambition is to go to Le Mans on behalf of an OEM within the next five years.

With such an impressive pedigree and comprehensive plans, One Group Racing is a team to watch closely. Their heritage and goals demand serious consideration, making them a force to be reckoned with in the world of GT racing.


Q: What is One Group Racing?

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A: One Group Racing is a new racing team set to emerge in 2024, with Dutchman Ron Hartvelt at the helm. The team aims to compete in the GT3 category.

Q: What is Ron Hartvelt’s background in motorsport?

A: Ron Hartvelt has an extensive background in motorsport, particularly in touring cars. He has worked with Red Bull, RML, Polestar Cyan Racing, and Lynk & Co. TCR, achieving multiple World Titles in different championships.

Q: Why is One Group Racing shifting focus to GT racing?

A: One Group Racing has been following the development of GT racing for some time. The success and continuity of GT racing, especially with the road to Le Mans now open for GT3 cars, make it an attractive venture for the team.

Q: What are One Group Racing’s goals for the future?

A: One Group Racing aims to start with a two-car team in an international series. Their long-term ambitions include earning respect in the GT racing category and eventually going to Le Mans on behalf of an OEM in the next five years.


One Group Racing’s entry into the world of GT3 racing in 2024 is generating excitement and anticipation. With Ron Hartvelt’s extensive experience and track record, this team has the potential to make a significant impact. Keep an eye on One Group Racing as they embark on their journey to become a top competitor in GT racing.

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