2024 Turn Signals Not Working Properly: What You Need to Know

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If you’ve recently purchased a 2024 Chevy Silverado and are experiencing issues with your turn signals, you’re not alone. Many owners have reported similar problems, including intermittent signal failures and other electrical glitches. In this article, we’ll delve into the details of this issue and explore the potential causes and solutions.

The Experience of Other Owners

According to multiple reports, some 2024 Silverado owners have noticed that their turn signals malfunction after only a few hundred miles. When attempting to make left turns, the signals may fail to activate, resulting in potential safety concerns. In some cases, turning the vehicle off and restarting it can temporarily resolve the issue. However, the problem tends to reoccur intermittently.

Identifying the Problem

Upon investigation, service managers and GM Field Service Techs have discovered that the issue lies within the headlights themselves. This problem is not isolated to a few vehicles; it has been observed in multiple Silverados, including pairs in Minnesota. To rectify the situation, GM plans to send out new headlights, which will need to be installed by authorized dealers.

Additional Electrical Issues

Aside from the turn signal problem, some owners have also reported several other intermittent electrical issues. These include a malfunctioning inner right rear backup sensor, a non-functional front collision alert system, and problems with the headlight system, such as rapid flashing. Some owners have even experienced issues with the heads-up display and the steering wheel paddles controlling the radio channels.

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Seeking Resolution

If you’ve encountered these problems, it’s important to document each occurrence in a logbook. Reach out to your dealer and inform them of the problems you’re facing. Keep in mind that even though the computer may not show any codes, the issues are still present and need to be addressed. Your dealer should be able to assist you in resolving these problems or provide guidance on how to proceed.


Q: Is there a recall for this issue?
A: As of now, there is no official recall for the turn signal problem in the 2024 Silverado. However, GM is aware of the issue and is taking steps to rectify it by providing new headlights to affected vehicles.

Q: Should I continue to drive my Silverado if I’m experiencing turn signal issues?
A: It is recommended to exercise caution if your turn signals are malfunctioning. Consider minimizing left turns until the issue has been resolved to ensure your safety on the road.

Q: Are there any temporary fixes for the turn signal problem?
A: While turning the vehicle off and on again can temporarily resolve the issue, it is important to have the problem properly addressed by an authorized dealer to ensure a permanent solution.


2024 Silverado owners have reported issues with their turn signals and other electrical components. GM is aware of the problem and is working towards a resolution by providing new headlights to affected vehicles. If you’re experiencing these issues, document each occurrence and contact your dealer for assistance. Rest assured that GM is committed to resolving these problems promptly and providing you with a satisfactory solution.

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