This 1968 Oldsmobile Toronado: A Unique Front-Wheel Drive Gem

1968 oldsmobile toronado

Not many people outside the United States are familiar with the Oldsmobile Toronado. Even among Americans, those under the age of 40 may not truly grasp the essence of this remarkable car. While it boasts stylish looks, its features might sound familiar. A product of the 1960s, two doors, and with an available massive 7.5-liter, 400bhp V8 engine — just another vintage American muscle car, right?

Except the Toronado had a unique twist: it funneled all its power and torque to the front wheels.

A Luxurious Front-Wheel Drive Marvel

Introduced in 1966 by General Motors, the Toronado was a high-end two-door luxury car that broke the mold. It featured a large V8 engine mounted longitudinally, which sent power to the front wheels via an automatic transmission. Initial magazine reviews were generally positive, except for the expected power-on understeer. However, the Toronado wasn’t designed for stoplight drag races or spirited cornering; its purpose was to be a stylish and powerful cruiser — and in that role, it was quite popular.

Enthusiasts particularly appreciate the styling of the 1966 models. However, the 1968 version offered optional front disc brakes and a 400bhp engine, which significantly improved stopping power for this 2.5-tonne cruiser. The current highlight is a 1968 Toronado Coupe for sale on eBay in Florida. While it may not be the GT model, it still packs a punch with 375bhp and over 500 torques. This all-original survivor is reported to be in excellent condition, with just 67,000 miles on the odometer. Even the factory air conditioning is said to be fully functional, and the distinctly 1960s porno-red interior is a nostalgic delight.

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A Unique and Affordable 1960s Muscle Car

What sets the Toronado apart is its uniqueness. Although production continued into the early 1990s, the early ’60s models are undoubtedly the most coveted. Forgo the 1966 design in favor of the updated brakes of the 1968 model. This particular car comes with documented history, and while the seller believes Toronados will eventually become “$50k cars from the sixties,” it seems unlikely they will reach that level anytime soon. The Toronado is more of a cult car than a mainstream hit, but that just adds to its charm. It offers an affordable opportunity to own a unique piece of automotive history from the 1960s.

But just how affordable is it? Bidding starts at $10,000 for this car, although there is a reserve. Similar Toronados have been selling for around $20,000, which seems like a fair price for this interesting American classic, provided it is as immaculate as the seller claims.

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Q: How much power does the 1968 Oldsmobile Toronado have?
A: The 1968 Oldsmobile Toronado comes with a powerful 375bhp engine and over 500 torques.

Q: Is the factory air conditioning functional in the Toronado?
A: Yes, the factory air conditioning is reported to be fully functional in this particular 1968 Toronado.

Q: What makes the Toronado unique?
A: Unlike most muscle cars of its time, the Toronado is a front-wheel drive vehicle, which sets it apart from the crowd.


The 1968 Oldsmobile Toronado stands out as a front-wheel drive gem from the 1960s. With its distinctive styling and powerful V8 engine, it offers a unique driving experience. While it may not have gained the same fame as other iconic muscle cars, the Toronado has a dedicated following and offers an impressive combination of power and affordability. If you’re looking to own a piece of American automotive history, this Toronado is worth considering.

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