What is the Virgil Abloh Maybach?

virgil maybach

Virgil Abloh, the founder of the high-end brand “Off-White” and artistic director of Louis Vuitton’s menswear collection, collaborated with Mercedes Benz chief designer on Project Maybach before his untimely death in 2021. This collaboration gave birth to two remarkable Maybach vehicles: a massive solar-powered roadster designed for luxury off-roading and a reimagined S680. While the roadster remains a “show car,” the Virgil Abloh Maybach S680 will be available for purchase this April. With only 150 units produced, celebrities are already queuing up to own one of these ultra-luxury vehicles. Let’s take a closer look at the Virgil Abloh Maybach and some of its unique features.

Exterior Design of the 2023 Virgil Abloh Maybach

outside of Virgil Abloh Maybach

The exterior design of Virgil Abloh’s Maybach S680 pays tribute to his association with Louis Vuitton. The vehicle showcases a two-tone color scheme with a glossy obsidian top and a sand-colored bottom, reminiscent of the fashion house’s iconic luggage and accessories. The specially-forged sand-colored rims provide a cohesive and earthy appearance. Another notable modification is the de-chromed front bumper, which now sports a matte black finish.

Interior of the Virgil Abloh Mercedes Maybach

Project MAYBACH Abloh Interior

The interior features a predominantly muted color scheme, with cream-colored leather seats, glossy black accents, and polished chrome elements throughout. Notably, the cream coloring extends to the trim, a deviation from the standard S 680’s natural wood. The black seatbelts add a subtle touch, enhancing the cabin’s contours. The head cushion casings are made of plush leather, each inscribed with the custom Maybach x Abloh logo and the corresponding vehicle number.

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The infotainment system and instrument cluster boast refreshed, animated graphics, such as slow-falling diamonds. The two-toned steering wheel complements the black and sand color scheme. As expected, the rear of the Maybach offers an elevated level of luxury. The Virgil Abloh version maintains the high standards of its predecessors, featuring built-in tray tables, a champagne fridge and glasses, plush headrests, wireless charging, USB and HDMI ports, specialized champagne flute holders, warm and cold cup holders, personal infotainment screens, and more.

How Much Will the Virgil Abloh Mercedes Benz Maybach Cost?

The projected cost for Abloh’s collaboration vehicle is double that of the standard S680, according to Supercar Blondie. Considering that a 2022 Maybach S680 4Matic starts at $229,000, one can only imagine the steep price tag of the limited edition Abloh Maybach. With celebrities like Kim Kardashian paying $400,000 for a custom Maybach mini-van, it’s reasonable to expect that Abloh’s high-end sedan will begin at least half a million.

2023 Mercedes Benz S Class

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  • Can I purchase the Virgil Abloh Maybach S680?
    Yes, the Virgil Abloh Maybach S680 will be available for purchase this April. However, there will only be 150 units produced, so availability may be limited.

  • How much will the Virgil Abloh Maybach S680 cost?
    According to industry projections, the price of the Virgil Abloh Maybach S680 will be significantly higher than the standard S680. Expect it to be at least double the price, with estimates starting at half a million dollars.

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The Virgil Abloh Maybach S680 stands as a testament to the collaboration between the renowned designer and Mercedes Benz. With its unique exterior design, luxurious interior, and exclusive limited edition status, this vehicle is sure to captivate the attention of car enthusiasts and luxury connoisseurs alike. Don’t miss your chance to own a piece of automotive history with the Virgil Abloh Maybach S680.

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