Toyota’s FT-3e EV Concept: A Futuristic Innovation

toyota ft-3e

The automotive industry is constantly evolving, and even traditionally gas-powered automakers are embracing the shift towards electric vehicles. Toyota, known for its cautious approach to electric vehicles, has teased a new concept that hints at their foray into the world of electric SUVs: the Toyota FT-3e. Although details are scarce, early glimpses at the FT-3e during the Japan Mobility Show have piqued the interest of car enthusiasts and electric vehicle advocates alike.

A Glimpse into the Future

The FT-3e concept showcases a sleek and futuristic design with a coupe-like crossover silhouette and modern LED lighting. While technical specifications and performance details remain undisclosed, one standout feature mentioned in the press release is the exterior information display system. As you approach the FT-3e, you’ll notice the car’s charge level, interior air temperature, and air quality displayed on the side of the door, just above the running boards. This innovative display system provides a convenient way for drivers to monitor their vehicle’s vital information at a glance.


Bold Design Language

From the rear view, the FT-3e reveals its bold design choices, including muscular fender flares that contrast its sleek roofline. The concept also features flush door handles, adding to its streamlined appearance. This design language aligns with Toyota’s modern aesthetic, reminiscent of their flagship Crown model and the upcoming Land Cruiser. While it’s too early to make any definitive statements, the FT-3e’s overall vibe suggests that a Lexus iteration of this design may make its way to the North American market in the future.

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An Anticipated Debut

Toyota plans to unveil further details about the FT-3e during the Japan Mobility Show, scheduled to kick off on October 26. As the event progresses, we can expect more information to be released, feeding the excitement surrounding this new electric SUV.

Electrek’s Take

As electric vehicles continue to gain traction, it’s about time Toyota joins the electrification movement with an electric SUV. While we currently have limited information about the FT-3e, the concept alone has already captured the attention of automotive enthusiasts. If Toyota decides to produce a mass-market mid-size EV crossover, it would undoubtedly make a significant impact in the industry. Though we’re left speculating for now, it won’t be long until more details emerge, and we have a clearer understanding of what the FT-3e has to offer.


Q: Will the FT-3e be Toyota’s first fully electric SUV?
A: While the FT-3e concept suggests Toyota’s entry into the electric SUV segment, it is important to note that it is still in the concept stage. Toyota has yet to release a fully electric SUV for production.

Q: What information will be displayed on the side of the FT-3e?
A: The FT-3e’s exterior information display system will showcase the car’s charge level, interior air temperature, and interior air quality.

Q: When can we expect more details about the FT-3e?
A: Toyota will reveal more information about the FT-3e during the Japan Mobility Show, which starts on October 26. Stay tuned for updates on this exciting concept.


The Toyota FT-3e concept represents a step toward Toyota’s electrified future. With its futuristic design, innovative exterior information display system, and the potential for a mass-market mid-size EV crossover, the FT-3e has already generated buzz within the automotive industry. As Toyota continues to reveal more information, car enthusiasts eagerly await the debut of this exciting electric SUV concept.

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