Lexus RC F: A Comfortable Cruiser with Performance Prowess

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When it comes to the Lexus RC F, opinions are divided. Some enthusiasts argue that it falls short compared to its competitors, while others appreciate its unique approach. In this article, we delve into the details and debunk some misconceptions surrounding this intriguing car.

Understanding the RC F’s Design Philosophy

Contrary to popular belief, the Lexus RC F was not specifically engineered to take on the likes of the BMW M4 or the Mercedes-AMG C63. Instead, it was designed to offer a comfortable and refined driving experience with an added touch of performance and purity.

The RC F’s platform may have remained largely unchanged since its introduction in 2005 with the IS and GS sedans, but it was never intended to be a direct rival to the sportier D-segment coupes. Instead, it focuses on delivering a luxurious and enjoyable ride for the modern driver.

Setting It Apart from the Competition

Comparing the RC F to the M4 or C63 is not entirely fair. It doesn’t compete with these high-performance models, nor does it aim to challenge the 440i or C450 (which hadn’t even been released at the time). Furthermore, the RC F’s pricing is more accessible compared to the fully-loaded offerings from Audi S and RS, BMW M, Mercedes-AMG, and Porsche.

In terms of tech, legroom, and aesthetics, the Lexus RC stands out. It features advanced technology, generous front legroom, and a distinctive, radical-looking front clip. Its design is more reminiscent of the BMW 6 Series and Mercedes-Benz E-Class two-door variants, with an emphasis on luxury rather than sportiness.

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Understanding the Pricing

Although the M4 and C63 may have had higher starting prices, once loaded with options, their prices could surpass $100,000. In contrast, the RC F can be yours for around $70,000 to $75,000, unless you opt for the Carbon or Track Edition models. Lexus positions itself as a luxury brand that offers excellent value compared to its competitors, such as Cadillac, Lincoln, or Genesis.

Competitors and Market Positioning

The RC F’s main competitors, in terms of size and performance, were the RS5, 650i, and E550 coupes. However, the RC F actually started at a similar price point to mid-loaded models like the RS3, M2 (excluding the Competition or CS variants), and the CLA45 AMG.

Lexus, in many ways, is a blend of Cadillac and Dodge, with its headquarters located in Japan alongside Toyota. By offering a high-performance car at a price comparable to a sport compact, it evokes associations with the concept of a muscle car or pony car.

In summary, while the Lexus RC F may have initially entered the E-segment, its outdated technology prevents it from truly competing with the newer D-segment coupes. However, when comparing fully loaded offerings, the high-performance C-segment premium cars tend to be significantly more expensive than the RC F and its sibling, the IS500 F Sport Performance sedan.


Q: Is the Lexus RC F a true sports car?
A: The RC F is not a traditional sports car, but rather a comfortable cruiser with additional performance capabilities. It prioritizes luxury and refinement over pure sportiness.

Q: How does the RC F compare to the BMW M4 and Mercedes-AMG C63?
A: While the RC F may not directly compete with the M4 or C63, it offers its own unique blend of comfort and performance. It’s important to consider the RC F’s distinct design philosophy when making comparisons.

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Q: What are the main competitors to the Lexus RC F?
A: The RC F’s main rivals include the RS5, 650i, and E550 coupes, which offer a similar balance of size and performance.

Q: Is the Lexus RC F a good value for money?
A: Compared to its high-tier luxury competitors, the RC F offers excellent value for money, positioning itself as an attractive option within its segment.


The Lexus RC F stands out as a comfortable cruiser with performance capabilities, providing a unique driving experience. While not a direct competitor to the M4 or C63, it offers an appealing alternative to traditional sport coupes. With its distinctive design, advanced technology, and accessible pricing, the RC F brings a touch of luxury to the performance car segment.

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