NASCAR Reluctant to Increase Horsepower for the 2023 Season

nascar horsepower 2023

NASCAR has been at the center of controversy in recent seasons regarding the amount of horsepower their vehicles possess. The sport made a significant change when it decreased to 550 horsepower, which negatively impacted the on-track product for several years. However, things took a turn when the NextGen car was introduced. After testing several packages, drivers found that the 550 horsepower package was not up to par. As a result, NASCAR announced that the cars would be run at 670 horsepower with a four-inch spoiler for the 2022 season.

Despite the success of the on-track product with these changes, there are still fans and drivers who yearn for the higher horsepower that NASCAR was known for in the past. However, it seems that their desires may go unheard, as NASCAR and its teams appear to be reluctant to increase horsepower any further.

NASCAR and Its Reluctance to Increase Horsepower

For the upcoming racing year, NASCAR will continue to run at 670 horsepower, and there are no plans to change that. However, the question remains whether the sport would consider increasing horsepower for the 2024 season. According to FOX Sports’ Bob Pockrass, NASCAR is hesitant to go beyond 670 horsepower with the tapered spacer because it would require extensive research and development on various parts and pieces for optimal performance.

This reluctance is understandable considering the additional costs associated with such changes, as well as the need for these parts to withstand the demands of two races. NASCAR, the organizations, and the manufacturers involved reportedly want to avoid incurring unnecessary expenses at this time.

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While there may be a desire for more horsepower among fans and drivers, it’s important to note that the on-track product was already impressive last year. There is no urgent need to disrupt the current racing package, especially on short tracks and road courses.

The short-track package, in particular, received criticism as the races held at Martinsville Speedway were a clear example of its shortcomings. Passing was nearly impossible in the first race, and the second race failed to meet the standards set by the venue.

Fortunately, there will be significant changes to the NextGen car for the 2023 season. Safety and performance concerns raised by drivers have been addressed accordingly. This is crucial as there were instances where drivers like Kurt Busch and Alex Bowman suffered concussions from rear-end collisions, leading Busch to step away from full-time racing.

While horsepower will always be a topic of conversation, it is essential to focus on addressing other pressing issues for now. The upcoming changes to the NextGen car and the continued improvement of the overall on-track product should be the top priorities.


Q: Will NASCAR increase horsepower beyond 670 for the 2024 season?
A: As of now, NASCAR is reluctant to surpass 670 horsepower due to the additional research, development, and costs involved.

Q: Why is NASCAR hesitant to increase horsepower further?
A: Increasing horsepower would require extensive research and development on various parts and pieces, which would result in additional expenses that NASCAR, the organizations, and the manufacturers hope to avoid at this time.

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Q: Were there any safety concerns with the previous racing package?
A: Yes, there were safety concerns raised by drivers regarding rear-end collisions. Kurt Busch and Alex Bowman both suffered concussions from such incidents, prompting the need for improvements in safety measures.


While the desire for higher horsepower in NASCAR remains, the sport currently seems content with the 670 horsepower package. The NextGen car has already shown promising improvements in terms of safety and performance. As NASCAR continues to address other pressing issues, such as the short-track package and road course racing, it is crucial to prioritize overall improvement of the on-track product. With these considerations in mind, NASCAR enthusiasts can look forward to an exciting future in the sport.