RUX Rides – Garret’s Ex Fire Truck Land Cruiser

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Garret’s ex-fire truck Land Cruiser is not just your average vehicle. It’s a pristine, interesting, and highly capable machine that turns heads wherever it goes. In this article, we’ll delve into Garret’s unique build, future trips, and get some advice on how to create your own epic adventure vehicle.

Meet Garret Dietz

Garret Dietz, a Critical Care Registered Nurse from the Okanagan, is no ordinary car enthusiast. With a passion for the outdoors and adventure, he has crafted his dream vehicle to suit his lifestyle. Married to Jenny, also a Registered Nurse, and a proud father to 20-month-old Sam, Garret finds the most joy in spending time with his family and incorporating outdoor activities into their lives.

Garret Dietz

The Vehicle: A Land Cruiser with a History

Garret’s vehicle of choice is a 2001 HZJ79 Land Cruiser, originally a fire truck from Japan. With a mere 20,000 kilometers on the clock and not a speck of rust, this Land Cruiser is a rare find. It’s the perfect base for Garret’s customization journey.

Land Cruiser

The Beauty of Simplicity and Reliability

When asked about his favorite feature of the Land Cruiser, Garret has a tough time picking just one. However, he ultimately settles on the simplicity and reliability of owning a 70 series Land Cruiser. From the ARB bumper to the Summit Expedition Trucks (SET) tray, every detail has been carefully chosen to enhance the vehicle’s capabilities. And let’s not forget the 47 liters of onboard potable water and the stylish Jaos rims. It’s safe to say that Garret loves every aspect of his Land Cruiser.

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Land Cruiser

Epic Adventures Await

While Garret’s Land Cruiser is still in the early stages of its build, it has already embarked on some unforgettable journeys. Locations near Waterton, AB have been explored, and a trip to Whitefish, Montana is scheduled for next week. The Land Cruiser is a trusty companion, ready to take on any challenge thrown its way.

Land Cruiser

Overcoming Challenges

Despite its incredible capabilities, even the Land Cruiser encounters obstacles. However, Garret has been fortunate enough to avoid getting stuck or experiencing breakdowns so far. Nevertheless, he faced a nerve-wracking situation on a narrow service road with no turning point. With steep hillsides on both sides, a slow and careful reverse maneuver saved the day.

Land Cruiser

Advice for Aspiring Adventure Vehicle Owners

For those considering building their own custom adventure vehicle, Garret has some words of wisdom. First and foremost, take your time and plan your build carefully. Cutting corners is not an option when you’re out in the elements, relying on your gear. It’s also crucial to have a good understanding of your vehicle and carry tools for trailside repairs. And above all, enjoy the building process, get creative, and make the vehicle truly yours!

Land Cruiser

Photos by: @joshvonholstnes


1. Where can I find more inspiring custom adventure vehicle stories?

You can find more stories like Garret’s Land Cruiser and other exciting car news on Car news.

2. How can I build my own epic adventure vehicle?

To build your own epic adventure vehicle, it’s important to take your time, plan your build carefully, and invest in good quality gear. Understanding your vehicle and being prepared for trailside repairs is essential. Get creative and make the vehicle uniquely yours!

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Garret’s ex-fire truck Land Cruiser is a testament to the joy and freedom that comes with owning an adventure vehicle. With its impeccable build and the upcoming trips, Garret is living his best life, surrounded by the people he loves the most. If you’re dreaming of embarking on your own epic adventures, take a page out of Garret’s book and start planning your custom adventure vehicle today. Remember, the possibilities are endless when it comes to creating your own automotive masterpiece.