Huntley Ford Complaints: A Detailed Customer Experience

At Huntley Ford, customer satisfaction is our top priority. We strive to provide the best possible experience for every individual who walks through our doors. However, we understand that sometimes issues arise, and we are committed to addressing and resolving them promptly.

Customer Concerns and Misunderstandings

We recently received a complaint from a customer regarding their vehicle purchase experience. The customer claims that our response to their previous complaint was inaccurate. They assert that the contract cancellation was not at their request and that they had specifically informed us multiple times that they did not want to cancel the contract when we asked. We want to clarify the situation and provide our perspective.

Upon reviewing the documentation, we can confirm that the customer did sign the paperwork to move forward with the purchase of the vehicle. The paperwork included disclosures regarding the vehicle’s lemon/buyback title, which were communicated to the customer during the purchasing process. We have attached the relevant paperwork for your reference. It is important to note that the customer proceeded to make a down payment of $5000 for the vehicle after signing the paperwork.

The customer also mentions having time-stamped voicemail recordings of our status updates on the service being performed on the vehicle. These recordings contradict the claim that the contract was canceled immediately after learning about the buyback/lemon title status on the day of purchase.

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Misinterpretation of Contract Language

The customer disputes our assertion that certain language in the contract was “expressly agreed to,” stating that it is not found anywhere in the signed contract. We apologize for any confusion caused by our previous response. While the specific language may not be explicitly mentioned in the contract, it is standard industry practice to include certain terms and conditions that are implied and understood by both parties.

Resolution Efforts and Refund

To address the customer’s concerns, we have taken steps to rectify the situation. We have issued a refund check for the $5000 down payment, which the customer received on December 9th, 2023. We acknowledge that our previous statement about refunding any money paid by the customer was incorrect, and we apologize for the confusion caused.

The customer now requests that we compensate them for the time their funds were held by paying them interest at the same rate we would have charged for the financing of the vehicle. We understand their perspective and will review this request thoroughly to ensure a fair resolution.

Assisting the Customer

In our initial response, we mentioned that we are more than happy to assist the customer in finding a similar vehicle. We stand by this commitment and are willing to explore options that meet their requirements. If we can find a vehicle with the same color, same or better specifications (including trim, mileage, model year, extended range battery, optional installed equipment, etc.), and the same or better overall condition at the same or better price ($59,000 out the door), we would be eager to discuss it with them. We want to ensure that the customer receives a vehicle that meets their expectations.

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Q: How long will it take for Huntley Ford to resolve this issue?
A: We understand the urgency of resolving this matter for the customer, and we are committed to doing so as quickly as possible. The timeline will depend on various factors, including finding a suitable resolution that meets the customer’s requirements.

Q: Can the customer request compensation for any additional expenses or inconvenience caused?
A: We are open to discussing any reasonable requests for compensation or addressing any additional concerns the customer may have. We want to ensure that they are satisfied with the outcome of this situation.


At Huntley Ford, we value our customers and aim to provide exceptional service. We take all complaints seriously and work diligently to address and resolve them. We appreciate the customer’s patience and understanding as we navigate this situation. Our team is dedicated to finding a fair resolution that meets their expectations and ensures their satisfaction.

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