CX-70 Release Date: Updated Launch & Arrival

cx-70 release date

Midsize SUV enthusiasts eagerly awaiting the release of the Mazda CX-70 will have to exercise a bit more patience. According to sources at Mazda, the release date of the highly anticipated CX-70 has been delayed by several months.

Mazda CX-70 Launch Delayed by Months

Originally planned for a second half of 2023 launch, the Mazda CX-70 release date has been postponed by approximately five months. The midsize two-row SUV model will now make its debut in early spring 2024, instead of the initial fourth-quarter target.

First-Ever CX-70 Mazda SUV Arrives in Early Spring 2024

Initially intended to be a 2024 model, the CX-70 will now be marketed and sold as a 2025 model when it arrives in early 2024. It seems that Mazda wants to create some distance between the launches of the CX-90 three-row model and the upcoming CX-70 two-row model. The CX-90 has been well-received and has contributed to Mazda’s recent sales success and profitability.

While this news may not be what potential CX-70 buyers had hoped for, there is a silver lining. The production of the Mazda CX-70 is just around the corner.

2025 Mazda CX-70 Production to Begin in Late 2023

According to Mazda sources, the production of the CX-70 is set to commence in December 2023, with shipments arriving at Mazda dealerships in early 2024. However, it’s important to note that availability may vary by market.

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Given that the CX-70 release date falls roughly a year after the launch of the CX-90 three-row model, Mazda has decided to update the upcoming SUV from a 2024 to a 2025 model.

Stay tuned to Car news for more in-depth coverage on why Mazda delayed the CX-70 release date. We share your excitement and eagerly anticipate the arrival of the 2025 Mazda CX-70 to join the esteemed Mazda SUV lineup in early spring 2024.


What’s the latest Mazda CX-70 news?

The latest Mazda CX-70 news is that the release date of this highly anticipated new midsize two-row SUV has been delayed by several months. Originally scheduled for late 2023, the first-ever Mazda CX-70 will now arrive in early spring 2024. Stay tuned to Car news for more updates on the CX-70 and other upcoming Mazda models.

Will there be a 2024 or 2025 Mazda CX-70 model?

The first-ever Mazda CX-70 will arrive as a 2025 model. While it was initially slated to launch as a 2024 model in late 2023, the CX-70 release date has been pushed back to early spring 2024. Mazda has made this decision to create a distinction between the three-row CX-90 model and the two-row CX-70.

Has the CX-70 release date been delayed?

Yes, the CX-70 release date has been delayed by approximately five months. The decision to delay the launch was made by Mazda, and the new timing for the release is early spring 2024. This delay does not seem to be caused by supply issues but rather a strategic decision to focus on the CX-90 model until the new year.

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Will the CX-70 be available in 2023 or 2024?

The Mazda CX-70 will not be available until 2024. Although it was originally planned for a late 2023 launch as a 2024 model, the release date has been shifted to early spring 2024. This means that the first-ever CX-70, a 2025 model, will arrive at dealerships approximately one year after the CX-90’s launch.

When does Mazda CX-70 production begin?

Mazda CX-70 production is scheduled to begin in December 2023. The models will start shipping to Mazda dealerships in early spring 2024. Keep an eye out for further details as the debut of the anticipated CX-70 SUV approaches, and get ready to experience the first-ever CX-70 in early 2024 as a 2025 model.

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