[Debate] The 42110 Defender is the Best Lego Car Category Model Since the 8880

Please don’t shoot me. I merely present the topic. Whether it is agreeable or not is up to the members upon discussing it. However, I have to present my reasoning:

The Legacy of Lego Car Models

Let’s not discuss any car that was released or developed before the iconic 8880 model, as it is considered the pioneer and best among them. Then there’s the 8448, which certainly has some improvements over the 8880. It’s cool, but let’s face it – it is not as popular or fan-favorite as the 8880. It lacks Ackerman geometry and HOG steering, making its improvements seem less significant for a successor to the 8880.

Skipping past the 8145 and 8645 (Enzo) which have no transmission and only rear diffs, we can directly go to the 8070. While it lacks a transmission gearbox, it has a distributional gearbox and motors to run fancy functions like opening and closing doors, a path that Lego never followed in later iterations.

Then we enter the UCS era, where looks dominate the functions. The 8880 and its successors were function-oriented while marginally improving the design and looks. The UCS 1:8 scale models, on the other hand, are display queens with complex transmissions and independent suspension, but they lack the HOG steering and the size becomes a limiting factor.

The Arrival of the 42110

And now we come to the 42110.

Yes, it is a jeep. Before we start the debate, one might question why a jeep is being considered as a successor to a supercar. Well, I believe the 42110, despite being a jeep, can be dragged into the conversation because they work and function in similar ways.

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The Defender has, by far, one of the most complex drivetrains, with a super cool gearbox featuring Hi/Lo/Reverse, three differentials, HOG steering, beefed-up suspension, and great looks both inside and out. If we skip all the latest and greatest releases between the 8880 and the 42110, as well as those after the release of the 42110 (until now, H2 2021), and consider only the body structure where the UCS series easily win due to their massive details, then it seems that the 42110 has everything beefed up over the 8880 minus the four-wheel steering and Ackerman geometry. The engine could also be a factor, as the 8880’s engine looks and feels better than the inline 6-piston engine of the Defender.

Ever since the 42110 was released, despite its initial quirks like getting the gearbox right, it has been gaining massive popularity in an incredible manner. In 2021, people still buy it, mod it (both in terms of looks and functions), play with it, and proudly display it.

BTW, we are talking about official sets and out-of-the-box condition. If we are to consider MOCs (My Own Creations), there are serious contenders to the 42110, like the Brunojj supercars and such. The 8880 will always hold its special place in history, but which set is its true successor? Is it the latest 42115 Sian or the 42110 Defender? Or is there another set you believe is more legitimate and valid? Let’s discuss it with my humble request to avoid getting too personal against each other.

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1. What is the 8880 and why is it considered the best Lego car model?
The 8880 is a classic Lego car model released in 1994. It is considered the best Lego car model because of its innovative features such as Ackerman steering and a fully functional transmission. It has stood the test of time and remains a favorite among Lego enthusiasts.

2. What makes the 42110 Defender special compared to other Lego car models?
The 42110 Defender stands out due to its complex drivetrain, featuring a gearbox with Hi/Lo/Reverse, three differentials, and HOG steering. It also boasts beefed-up suspension and impressive interior and exterior design. These features, combined with its enduring popularity, make it a contender for the best Lego car model since the 8880.


The debate rages on: Which Lego car model is the true successor to the iconic 8880? While opinions may differ, the 42110 Defender emerges as a strong contender due to its advanced features and widespread popularity. Whether it’s comparing it to the latest 42115 Sian or considering other sets, Lego enthusiasts continue to have spirited discussions about the legacy of these models. Explore the world of Lego cars and join in the conversation.