Car news: 2005 Chevrolet Corvette

If there’s one car that sets the hearts of American enthusiasts racing, it’s the Chevrolet Corvette. And in 2005, the ‘Vette is back with a bang, more exhilarating than ever before. But in a market flooded with high-tech supercars, flashy SUVs, and speedy compact cars, does a pushrod-powered, big-bore, 2-seat sports car still hold its relevance? Well, any car can be relevant if it’s fast. However, the sixth-generation Corvette, also known as the C6, offers much more than just speed.

A Complete Redesign

The 2005 Chevrolet Corvette, C6, has been completely revamped from the ground up. While it maintains the formula for success of its predecessor, the C5, the C6 features a stiffer yet lighter hydro-formed steel frame, an aluminum cockpit structure, and composite floor panels. The suspension, a double wishbone design with composite leaf springs, remains familiar but has been enhanced with new components and increased wheel travel. The C6 also boasts an all-new body, with a leaner, more sophisticated look. The headlights are fixed Xenon High Intensity lights, a first for the ‘Vette since 1962. The rear end has also been redesigned, with a more sculpted look and beefy quad exhaust tips. The 2005 Corvette coupes come with a removable roof panel, perfect for open-air motoring. For soft-top enthusiasts, there’s the Corvette Convertible, available with a choice of manual or power tops that fold away beneath a hard tonneau cover.

Power and Performance

Under the hood, the ‘Vette is powered by the new 6.0-liter LS2 version of Chevy’s small-block pushrod V8 engine. This powerhouse generates an impressive 400 horsepower and 400 pound-feet of torque. The LS2 engine has been revamped, from the intake to the clutch, and can be paired with either Tremec’s new T56 6-speed manual transmission or GM’s latest Hydra-Matic 4-speed automatic. The rear-mounted transmission drives beefy Getrag axles, ensuring optimal power delivery. With the right combination of clutch control and accelerator finesse, the C6 can achieve a 0-to-60 time of 4.8 seconds and complete a quarter-mile in 13.2 seconds at 112 miles per hour.

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Exceptional Handling

The C6 is not just about straight-line speed; it was built to conquer corners too. The improved chassis and suspension allow for precise and controlled handling. The ‘Vette rewards smooth throttle and steering inputs, with minimal understeer or oversteer. The speed-sensitive magnetic rack-and-pinion steering may lack some feedback but offers quick and responsive handling. The Magnetic Ride Control and the standard stability system work seamlessly, enhancing the overall driving experience. The C6 boasts excellent braking performance, with big discs all around, standard ABS, and new cooling ducts, providing exceptional stopping power.

Comfort and Refinement

Step inside the Corvette, and you’ll be greeted by a dual-cockpit interior that exudes quality and attention to detail. The new Corvette offers high-quality trim, excellent fit and finish, and a range of modern features. The sport seats are comfortable, body-hugging, and offer adjustable side bolsters and back support. Notable additions include seat heaters, push-button start with a proximity key, a head-up display with three modes, and a big-screen DVD-navigation system. The coupe offers ample cargo space, with 22.4 cubic feet, making it suitable for long road trips. Despite its performance capabilities, the 2005 Corvette delivers decent fuel efficiency, with EPA mileage estimates of 19 city/28 highway with the manual transmission.

Price and Value

The pricing for the 2005 Chevrolet Corvette is equally appealing. The base price for the coupe is $44,245, $390 less than the previous year, offering great value for a high-end sports car. The Corvette Convertible is priced at $52,245, with only a $610 increase. With its enhanced performance, refined style, and more comfort features than ever before, the 2005 Chevrolet Corvette is truly the ‘Vette enthusiasts have been waiting for.

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